When Furniture Speaks, I Listen! Ombre Buffet

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

I found this buffet on one of those online yard sale sites over a year ago. It was love at first sight! I knew the high price and large size made the investment a risk but I had to have it! We loaded up the kiddos and made the drive to pick it up. I’m […]

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Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Cleaning Out My Inbox!

Let's Talk Brush Care

Shew, my inbox runneth over! I spent some time in the great state of Texas last week, relaxing with a friend and enjoying some time off. It was a nice break but now I’m catching up! I thought I’d devote a little time to answering some questions in today’s post! The first question comes from […]

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Words Are Powerful- Using Them For Good

Words Are Powerful, A to Z Custom Creations, graphics by Thee Velvet Glove

Words are powerful. Would you agree?  Besides giving meaning and context to a conversation, they can also convey powerful messages, teach, and express feelings. They can move a person to do great things but they can also destroy. I’ve seen so much destruction with words lately, I felt burdened to talk about it. The state […]

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“Knock My Socks Off Red”- Makeovers That Made Me Drool

Red Painted Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

It happens once in a blue moon. I get a bold client who makes my heart leap from my chest with her color choice. No, it’s not turquoise, it’s not even orange {both colors I adore}…it’s RED! Red is such an intoxicating color! Whether it be on the lips, the finger tips, or a smokin’ […]

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Layering Fun with General Finishes Products

French Provincial Dresser Makeover by A to Z Custom Creations/General Finishes

I love trying new products so I was thrilled when General Finishes sent me a box of goodies to try! Right away, I was impressed with their extensive product line and eager to get my hands dirty! I’ve had this French Provincial Dresser in the shop for a few months so I thought I’d give […]

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The Power Of Paint

Resin Furniture Makeover by A to Z Custom Creations

Take a four piece, ornate bedroom set, a few heartbreaking life moments and two weeks of painting with the color “In Deep Thought” and what do you get. Mental clarity. Focus. Appreciation. A tone right arm and calluses on your hand to remind you of the time God slowed you down! The last few months […]

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Be WOWED by Websters Chalk Paint Powder™!

Join Us For Websters Chalk Paint Powder Tutorials

It’s no secret, I love Websters Chalk Paint Powder™! I’ve been in love with it since the fall of 2012 when I used it to flawlessly cover this hope chest in the perfect shade of yellow my client was dreaming of! Now, Even though I’ve been selling and using Websters for over a year, I’m […]

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Buttered Yam Wardrobe Reveal

Orange Wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations

Hopefully, you’ve been following the progression of this wonderful piece all week! If you haven’t, you can’t always go back and watch part one, two and three of the Veneer Repair Series.  The wardrobe made it’s way to the shop in really bad shape. Top to bottom, it was covered in veneer damage!   Nothing […]

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Veneer Repair Series: Post 3

Veneer Repair Series: Post Three

Here it is, the last video in the series. I’ll post the reFreshed wardrobe tomorrow so, stick around for all the closeup pics! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO As I mentioned in the video, you can purchase Bondo at your local home improvement store. Here is the Bondo product carried by Home Depot and […]

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Veneer Repair Series: Post 2

Repairing Missing or Damaged Veneer- Part 2

Okay, this is where we really get dirty! Please, wear a respirator when you sand! CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO If you are just now tuning in, you can catch up and view the first video here. Come back tomorrow! I’ll be working on the drawers and we’ll get started painting!     Pin It

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Veneer Repair Series: Post One

Video Tutorial Series on Veneer Repair

I’m using Tip Talkin’ Tuesday to start a series of posts on veneer repair! I should note, this is not a restoration series! We’ll be using Bondo, which is great for repairing pieces that will be painted but Bondo is not stain-able. This wardrobe will be getting a vibrant dose of orange! Follow me this […]

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Sleek Furniture Finishes-Infusing Styles

Sleek, Modern Finish on Vintage Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

This week, I painted a dresser, knowing full well it would fall outside the norm for most of my clients. I had to do it though! I’ve been dreaming about painting something this color since summer when I got the new Benjamin Moore Color Stories fan deck! I was just waiting to find the perfect […]

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