DIY Dreamcatcher Baby Mobile

DIY Dreamcatcher Mobile

Soooo, if you follow me elsewhere on social media, you know- where I’m regularly active, you know all about the bundle of joy I’m expecting in just a few short months! My heart is about to burst with anticipation and I’m nesting like a sparrow (more on that later)! For those who’ve not met my little […]

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Heavenly Reminders: Nothing Happens By Chance, Nothing Is Random

Olivia's Hope and Todd's Promise

Heyyy Friends! It’s been a while! I must say, I’m constantly amazed when I check in to see that I still have followers! I call you all my faithfuls…here for more than just painted furniture and design. You’ve been instrumental in helping me along this journey called life and I give thanks for you! Today […]

Transparent Vulnerability…Another “Comma Moment”

RIL Todd Allen Davis #Rollon

This feels like such a foreign place to me, friends. It’s been so long since I’ve posted here. The summer months, though full of exciting projects, left me no time to blog. Between being mom, nurse, and house flipper, my days were spent! If you follow me on other social media platforms, you got a […]

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Roadside Rescue-Seeing And Creating Beauty

Coffee Table Makeover by A to Z Custom Creations

The dictionary defines trash as: anything worthless, useless, or discarded; rubbish. Worth is a relative thing, would you agree? Unless of course, you’re a financial planner or of the like and you use a set formula or methodology to assign value. Otherwise, worth (like beauty) is determined by the eye of the beholder. Take this table […]

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The Holy Matrimony of Mismatched Furniture- With This Paint, I Thee Wed!

Entertainment Center Makeover (Uniting Mismatched Furniture) by A to Z Custom Creations

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to today to unite this mismatched furniture in painted matrimony. The two were never really meant to be together. She (the console) was modern with a sleek style. He (the surround that shelters her) was traditional. A chance meeting led them to one another after my client replaced her […]

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Hidden Wounds- When Painted Furniture Bleeds Through

Hidden Wounds-When Painted Furniture Bleeds

If you’ve followed me for long or read my ebook, you know that for me, furniture painting is so much more than furniture painting! My satisfaction comes in the story that each piece holds. It comes from being able to tell that story! He came to me like this: Not so bad from a distance […]

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How Stella (the bedside table) Got Her Groove Back!

Bedside Table Makeover with Modern Masters Metallic Paint, by A to Z Custom Creations

So…this little lady danced into my life this week and I hollered! I’ve been looking for her, dreaming about her for almost a year! Truly the picture of perfection. I know, I know. Not so dreamy in her current state but I could see her future! I pictured her bold, yet soft. Vibrant, but settling. […]

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Intentions, Not Resolutions!

energy flows where intention goes

Well, it’s that time of year folks. Social media and the world wide web is flooded with posts about New Year’s resolutions and tips to help you stick to them. Can I just be frank? I hate New Year’s resolutions and the anxiety they bring. They’re never kept because there aren’t any real consequences to […]

Moxie Makeovers- My first experience with Moxie Paints

Moxie Paint Makeovers by A to Z Custom Creations

Hey, hey… Have you heard? There’s a new paint line on the scene and it’s kind of AMAZING! Moxie Paints was born of passion and the mindset that people are more important than paint. All products in the Moxie Line are: ·  water based ·  non-toxic ·  hypoallergenic ·  voc-free ·  formaldehyde free ·  lead […]

Custom Painted Kitchen Island

Custom Painted Kitchen Island  by A to Z Custom Creations

Hey friends! I’ve been trying all week to set aside some time for this post. This kitchen island is like … whoa! Show stopping, jaw dropping GORGEOUS! It was jealous of all the love given to the cabinets and was crying out for “The Finishing Touch”! Now, if you’ve followed me for long, you know […]

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Sanding your way to a gorgeous wood grain!

A to Z Custom Creations Dresser Makeover

Once in a blue moon, a piece with a salvageable top finds me. I get all giddy at the thought of revealing a gorgeous wood grain but I’d be a big fat liar if I said I enjoyed the labor involved! The work of sanding is lessened with the help of an orbital sander (the […]

Back To Life- Refreshing Furniture with Paint and Daddy Van’s Wax

The Finishing Touch by A to Z Custom Creations

There are some pieces that just speak to me! They’re the ones I fall in love with, find the most joy in painting, and provide me with the lasting paint therapy I’m always referring to in my hashtags. This little lady was one of those! She found her way to me in disrepair. She’d obviously […]

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