A Bag of Pistachios and Positivity

What in the world do pistachios and being positive have to do with one another and what do either have to do with painting furniture? Well, they’re really unrelated to painted furniture and so far off my normal “DIY” posts, I almost talked myself out of typing it! This one bag of “Wonderful” Pistachios provided such insight though; I just couldn’t keep it to myself. Let me back up a minute.

I confess I’m an addict. I eat entirely too many pistachios! I usually just buy the small bags so I can at least control my portion but the $3.99 convenient store price tag was really starting to hurt my frugal heart! So, last week, I bit the bullet and bought a big bag! The value was much better and I just knew I could ration the nutty goodness. Days went by and I was a very good girl. Then I started to notice that time and time again, my rationed handful would have several empty or completely closed shells. I’m honestly not sure which made angrier! Ever try to crack a closed pistachio by hand? Im.Poss.I.Ble. Over and over, I kept coming up empty handed! I started talking {possibly cursing} out loud and even threatened to write the company for a refund.

What was the deal? This was the same brand I’d always purchased! Did I just get a bunk bag?

Then it happened.

I reached the bottom of the bag.

Much to my surprise, sitting in the bottom of the bag was a layer of salty, roasted pistachios. Out of their shell, ready to delight my taste buds! No effort required on my part which was a bit dangerous!

I enjoyed them one by one, all in the same sitting. Greedy, I know, but they were soooo good! I reflected on the poor behavior I’d exhibited every time I came up with an empty shell over the last week. I thought about every closed shell too.

Then it hit me! That bag of pistachios was intended for ME! Sounds crazy. I know. Feel free to stop reading but, I believe God uses the ordinary, everyday things on me because I learn best that way. I’m {a tiny bit} stubborn and even though I know biblical principles, I need real life applications to drive them home sometimes!

I’ve been struggling with the “whys” of life lately. Why do some people get hit over and over with tragedy? Bad news, heartache, and loss that seem so unfair, I can’t help but call out to God, WHY? Not just why, but actually saying, this can’t be right, Lord!

It’s okay if you bash me. You can call me faithless if you’d like. I’m just being honest and saying what so many others think. At the end of the day, I know God is still large and in charge. I TRUST Him. That said, I think it’s okay to question Him. I think it’s okay to share your heart and be honest and open with your feelings. He answers those pleas!

What a Bag of Pistachios Taught Me This Week!

He reminded me with that bag of pistachios, His end for us is goodness. I wasted entirely too much time and energy focusing on {and griping about} the empty shells along the way! Had I just been patient, I would have been more than pleased with the reward at the bottom of the bag!

To my sweet friend, you know who you are…I’ve seen the error of my ways and I’m looking forward to the end of the bag with you friend. I just know, there is so much goodness waiting there for you! Love you more than words.

Love all of you too. Smooches.

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  1. Oh Angela, I definitely needed this today. I have been stuck in the shells too much and I know it just makes life more difficult!!
    I love Pistachios too, but this post had a double meaning for me. My dad, who passed away unexpectedly 12 years ago LOVED Pistachios. He bought the HUGE bag from Costco and always had one in his car. He was known for this habit. Hope you are feeling better now, I know I am.

    • Oh, Karen, thank you for sharing that with me! I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your father. No doubt you have fond memories of him. I’m glad this post brought one of those to mind. Lots of love!!

  2. Its funny how the simple little things right in our face can be the BIG kick in the butt we needed. I talk to GOD a lot and I request that he hit me hard over the head because I don’t see the little nudges!

  3. Hope Williams says:

    God is patient ALWAYS! If he weren’t, we would all be doomed.
    What a wonderful tribute to a person who obviously means the world to you.
    Life, as god intended it to be, is supposed to be full of give and take. With ourselves and with others. Beginning and ending with love, compassion and forgiveness.

    The song by nickleback, “If Today was Your Last Day”, is my soul song. I say goodbye to yesterday everyday.

    I pray you peace and happy good byes.
    Blessings to all, Hope

  4. Hope Williams says:


    Nickleback , If Today was Your Last Day

  5. Being a pistachio lover too, and frugal as well, I was surprised to hear Dr. Oz say on a recent show that shelled pistachios are actually less expensive than those with shells. I haven’t personally investigated the theory yet, but I will soon.

  6. Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed reading this wonderful and insightful post! I’ve been through a lot in my short 51 years, but I can say, I never ask Him why. I think since He chose me to go through it, there must be a reason and He must know I can handle it. I trust that if I don’t learn from whatever it is, someone else will.
    May God continue to bless and keep you!

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