Angela Davis, Owner and ArtistWelcome! I’m Angela of  A to Z Custom Creations and I’m tickled you’ve found me! I’ve spent the last ten years helping my clients transform their homes into wonderful reflections of their unique style and personality. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we offer you only the best in quality, affordability, and expertise. With a heart for design and a passion for making unlovely things loved again, I look forward to transforming your creative dreams into reality! Custom refinishing is my passion! From ugly ’80’s furniture to treasured family heirlooms, I can breathe new life into the furniture you already have!  Because I know the great satisfaction that comes from a successful DIY project, I also offer Workshops to teach you how to paint your own furniture! Whatever your needs, A to Z Custom Creations can meet them!

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Wondering what you’ll get when you join me for the ride? Well, in addition to featuring my work, I’ll be showing off the work of other talented artisans who inspire me. I’ll tell you about the products I love and the ones I don’t. With DIY tips and tutorials, you will learn the tricks I’ve learned the hard way. From painting furniture to re-purposing the ordinary into extraordinary, I’ll share it here. Along with inspiration, encouragement and real life experiences, you’ll get a front row seat to the life of a frugal minded, junk lovin’ momma with a small army of boys underfoot.

Thanks for spending a little time getting to know more about A to Z Custom Creations and what we have to offer! We can’t wait to be of service to you!


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