Beautiful Brokenness

It’s soooo close I can taste it! I’m nearing the end of my e-book and couldn’t be more excited to share it!! I really thought I was going to do a quick “how to” e-book but after putting together some step by step guides, I felt like I was leaving out all the good stuff! The junkin, the decorating, the lovin…so, I started over! I really love what I do and I didn’t want this experience to be any different, so I slowed my roll and really enjoyed every minute of writing! I didn’t want it to feel like a chore and even though I had a tiny expectation of a completion date, I didn’t stress when it flew by! Yay me! So, now that I am wrapping this thing up, I realize, the only photos I have of myself are selfies with my three year old or crazy ones he snapped with my iphone while I wasn’t looking! Dangerous robe shots weren’t gonna cut it, so I called on my friend Brande at Victory Vintage Boutique. She is not only an amazing stylist and designer, she is an artist with the camera! She brings a still images to life! I hate having pictures made and avoid the camera at all costs, but I modeled for Brande’s boutique a few years back and she made me feel amazing! I was not only comfortable this time around, I was excited! It was freezing outside, like seriously, 32 degrees and Brande was dressed appropriately. So stinkin’ cute!

Angela Davis, A to Z Custom Creations and Brande, Victory Vintage Boutique

I chose a place my friend Shannon and I stumbled upon last year.

photo location, Victory Vintage Boutique, A to Z Custom Creations

 Shannon and I were always drawn to anything with a tin roof but this one has a mint green cement barn! The property was abandoned but had no posted signs which meant, we were looking around! You may think I’m totally insane but abandoned places intrigue me. It can be a little eerie to see shoes by a door as if someone just left and didn’t come back, but the mystery and beauty of a paused life makes my heart beat fast. The remnants of a previously lived life can really tell a story! Unlike some of the other properties I’ve seen, this one hasn’t been vandalized. It was cluttered and things were shuffled about but I think that was caused my animals. In fact, we ran across several dead carcasses on the property. Brande found beauty in them but I wanted to run away screaming like a little school girl!

There were so many other things we agreed were beautiful! The broken window panes, the glass pipes the milk used to travel through, the vegetation that was beginning to overtake the buildings…I could go on and on! It’s amazing how two people can look at the same thing and be inspired in a different way! We were both oooing and ahhhing over the chippy paint and natural patinas around us. I’m thinking paint finishes, she’s thinking of a deep conceptual photo shoot! It was really cool to share that with her. Here are just a few of the awesome shots Brande captured of this forgotten place!

Natural Patinas and Chippy Paint, Photography by Victory Vintage Boutique

And would you look at how she captured the essence of this place in my pictures?  These are just a few of my favorites! You can see the whole album on Brande’s FaceBook page! I’ll give you a link at the end! There are a few photos you MUST see!!!

Angela Davis, A to Z Custom Creations. Photos by Victory Vintage Boutique

Angela Davis, A to Z Custom Creations. Photos by Victory Vintage Boutique

The first thing my ten year old son asked when he saw the pictures was “Why is there a broken house behind you”. He’s my honest kid with no filter and I appreciate that. His question brought me to tears though and he wasn’t expecting that. He thought he hurt my feelings and quickly put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me, but that wasn’t it at all!  He saw exactly what I saw…brokenness! It was that brokenness that drew me to the location and I was so happy that Brande captured it! I am snottin’ all over the place as I type this! Junking, repurposing, painting, all those things give me an opportunity to make something beautiful. My {yet to be named} e-book is all about this passion I have for finding the beauty in brokenness so this location and photo shoot was perfect in every way. It completed my vision, spoke to my heart and refreshed my spirit! It was an awesome reminder of God’s continued grace and mercy towards me too! Heaven knows I am broken, flawed, and downright ugly at times but God sees something beautiful. Someone worth saving! Someone worth using! Words can’t express how sweet that assurance is!

There is Beauty in Brokenness!

Beauty can be found in brokenness!

I can’t wait to see the art Brande creates with the stunning images she captured! Be sure to give her a like while you are checking out the rest of the album {Patina In The Morning} and take a look at her most recent underwater shoot! ! Her work is phenomenal!

Thank you for letting me share this experience and my heart with you! Hugs and smooches!

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  1. Roberta Vecchio Calhoun says:

    Beauty all around.
    Wabi-sabi – one of my favorite concepts.

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