Heavenly Reminders: Nothing Happens By Chance, Nothing Is Random

Olivia's Hope and Todd's Promise

Heyyy Friends! It’s been a while! I must say, I’m constantly amazed when I check in to see that I still have followers! I call you all my faithfuls…here for more than just painted furniture and design. You’ve been instrumental in helping me along this journey called life and I give thanks for you! Today […]

Transparent Vulnerability…Another “Comma Moment”

RIL Todd Allen Davis #Rollon

This feels like such a foreign place to me, friends. It’s been so long since I’ve posted here. The summer months, though full of exciting projects, left me no time to blog. Between being mom, nurse, and house flipper, my days were spent! If you follow me on other social media platforms, you got a […]

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Hidden Wounds- When Painted Furniture Bleeds Through

Hidden Wounds-When Painted Furniture Bleeds

If you’ve followed me for long or read my ebook, you know that for me, furniture painting is so much more than furniture painting! My satisfaction comes in the story that each piece holds. It comes from being able to tell that story! He came to me like this: Not so bad from a distance […]

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Intentions, Not Resolutions!

energy flows where intention goes

Well, it’s that time of year folks. Social media and the world wide web is flooded with posts about New Year’s resolutions and tips to help you stick to them. Can I just be frank? I hate New Year’s resolutions and the anxiety they bring. They’re never kept because there aren’t any real consequences to […]

“Comma Moments”- When Life Forces You To Pause

Daddy's Hands- Facing "Comma Moments" in Life

Breathe in. Breathe out. I can’t even recall how many times I’ve had to be reminded to do just that in the last few months. It’s still a daily, sometimes hourly affirmation I speak to myself. We all have “comma moments” where life changing events cause us to pause our everyday life. I’ve had more […]

Taking The Helm- Setting Intentions

Artwork on chalkboard by A to Z Custom Creations

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating my future lately, friends. You ever do that? Like, really evaluate where you are and where you’re headed? It can be a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who runs a creative business and wants to just do everything that pops into their mind. That said, it’s an absolute necessity! […]

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Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage and this chic is a fan! I like ‘em all…big, small, classic, or funky! For me, the real magic happens when a wall captivates it’s audience and tells a story though! My gallery wall was captured and shared in a bad picture on Instagram last week when a friend tagged me in […]

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Happy Apple/Sad Apple- Experimenting With The Power Of Your Thoughts & Words

Happy Apple/Sad Apple Experiment- The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words

Hey friends! I’m sharing a post today that makes my inner science geek quake! It has nothing to do with chemically producing a patina or anything like that. It’s all about the power of your mind! Even better, right? Let me back up to February when a sweet friend shared a book that challenged me […]

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A Bag of Pistachios and Positivity

What a Bag of Pistachios Taught Me This Week!

What in the world do pistachios and being positive have to do with one another and what do either have to do with painting furniture? Well, they’re really unrelated to painted furniture and so far off my normal “DIY” posts, I almost talked myself out of typing it! This one bag of “Wonderful” Pistachios provided such insight […]

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Freebirds:Trading Fear for Freedom

Freebirds: Trading Fear for Freedom, Angela Davis

The purpose of my blogging is to connect with my readers on a personal level. I really enjoy sharing my passion for painting and creating through tips and advice but the personal writing is very therapeutic for me too! I hope you don’t mind me sharing a bit of my personal journey with you today! […]

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Beautiful Brokenness


It’s soooo close I can taste it! I’m nearing the end of my e-book and couldn’t be more excited to share it!! I really thought I was going to do a quick “how to” e-book but after putting together some step by step guides, I felt like I was leaving out all the good stuff! […]

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Dreams, Goals, and Defining Success

Dreams Are Worth Working For! A to Z Custom Creations

Hey there, friends. I’ve been cleaning out my inbox and decided to answer a frequently asked question which has nothing to do with furniture mending or painting. It’s about how I got my business started. Most of the time the question starts “How did you start your furniture painting business”. I usually sigh because the […]

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