Chalkboard Love

I’ll be the first to admit I am totally obsessed with chalkboards! Not only are they super functional, they bring fun character to any room! I have several throughout my house…

websters chalk paint powder for chalk board

This one hangs in our hall bathroom and is SUPPOSE to serve as a friendly reminder to my boys!

Chalkboard made with Webster's Chalk Paint Powder

I also have chalkboards I take to workshops, shows and events. They are great for displaying products, prices or announcements.


Because chalkboards are so fun and easy to make, I snag frames every chance I get! I picked this one up at a yard sale a while back for a whopping $2! It’s a great size and although you can’t really see them now, it has lots of cool details. I wish you could have seen the look on my son’s face when he helped me unload it! I had him convinced the blushing 80’s bride was going in our living room! Yea, I’m mean like that.


I paint the frame first. I used Webster’s with some leftover Benjamin Moore paint for this one. I waxed it with Fiddes and Sons Light Wax then shoved a little Jacobean Wax into the crevices. Check out the lovely details that pop with the addition of dark wax!

CHALKBOARD DETAILThe actual chalkboard is made out of hardboard.  I get large panels from Home Depot and keep them on hand. To cut, I use a jigsaw with a fine blade and just cut as needed. If you don’t have the tools, no worries! Measure your frame and the friendly folks at Home Depot will cut it for you! I paint the hardboard with Benjamin Moore’s Black and Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder. You can use another brand or shade but I think Black by BM is a true black. Imagine that? For chalkboards I add a little extra Webster’s powder for an extra chalky finish. For small projects I use a brush but for larger panels, like this one, I use a foam roller. To insure a smooth finish, I lightly sand between coats with a fine grit foam sanding pad. Once the final coat is good and dry, I prime the panel  before adding it to the frame. This way the dust won’t collect in the frame crevices. To do that, just turn your chalk on its side and coat the panel. With a soft cloth, rub the chalk in a circular motion across the entire panel and repeat the process. This will help you erase completely down the road. 

chalkboard painted with Webster's Chalk Paint Powder


I’ve already got plenty of use out of this one! It welcomed guests for two precious baby showers in the last two weeks!

                 chalkboard made with websters chalk paint powder             CHALKBOARD MADE WITH WEBSTERS CHALK PAINT POWDER

You don’t have to have a frame to make a chalkboard though! I found these awesome little platters at The Dollar Tree last week and immediately thought they’d be great little menu boards! 

See the video tutorial below!


I used leftover paint from last weeks project and painted three coats on the inside of the platter. I allowed each coat to dry completely before painting another.

silver platter chalkboard

After a little priming, it was ready to go!

priming a chalkboard

And, here’s how the $1 platter looked in the middle of a party spread! I used an easel I had on hand but you can pick those up for just a few bucks!

dollar store platter made into a chalkboard

These are perfect for adding a personal touch to a tablescape! Use at weddings, parties, or just grouped and hung on the wall! So easy so soooo cheap to make!

Have you made your own chalkboard yet? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. I love the little silver serving tray idea too! Your mind is so awesome how you see things in a brand new way!

  2. I just love all of these chalk boards. I would have never thought of having a pretty ones! Love the fancy framed ones and the silver one too.

  3. What is the name of the Ben Moore color on this gorgeous frame!. (The robin egg color) Thanks, marlys


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