Pink Chiffon Dreams

Before I show you the piece that captured my heart this week, let me introduce you to her new owner! Brande is not only an amazing friend of mine, she is a brilliant designer! In addition to curating the most fabulous vintage clothing I’ve ever seen, she dreams  up and hand-crafts exquisite head pieces that are destined for fashion runways across the world!!

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See what I mean? Gorgeous gal, inside and out and her work is stellar! In fact, 360 Magazine, who is responsible for introducing  cutting edge brands and trends, featured Brande’s work in this month’s Art + Design Issue! No really…you can see it here! On page 17, right smack in the middle of fashion forward artists from across the world!

So now that you have met Brande, you will understand why this piece was destined to be hers!

Dresser BeforeCan you imagine this thing in it’s original splendor? Ahhh! Stunning, no doubt! It was far from that when it found me! Let me show what what Brande was able to look past when she picked this piece…

Photo May 07, 2 34 58 PM copy

up close before rebuilt molding

Photo May 07, 2 32 50 PM copy

Photo May 07, 2 36 09 PM copy

veneer damage

Photo Apr 30, 3 33 42 PM copy

up close before rebuilt molding drawer

up close before rebuilt molding

up close before foot

Tore up from the floor up, but still FULL of life!!! There’s nothing a little tlc and bondo can’t fix! I shared a full tutorial on repairing damaged veneer here.

up close before rebuilt molding

up close before rebuilt molding

Photo May 07, 6 35 47 PM copy

up close before veneer repair

up close before side

So once the bandages came off, I dressed this little lady in Pink Chiffon! Actually, the color is Brighton Rock Candy Pink by Benjamin Moore but I think they should rename it! I use the Aura line from Benjamin Moore which is contains virtually zero VOC’s {volatile organic compounds} and covers like a dream! If you’ve ever painted pink before, you know how hard it is to cover! Mixed with Websters Chalk Paint Powder, I used less than 2 cups to cover this! After a few coats and a little distressing, I adorned her!I used two shades of Royal Metallic Stencil Creme , Antique Silver and Pearl Oyster, to accent all the details.  I also used it to spruce up the cool hardware. The headpiece for this lovely lady is a sweet Cameo from Brande’s Vintage Collection! Ok, enough talking! Soak in the beauty!

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Pink Chiffon Dresser by A to Z Custom Creations

Admit it! You want to paint something pink now!!

I say, go for it!

Wanna know what’s even better than having visitation rights to this piece? It’s the joy that comes from knowing it will one day be passed down to Brande’s daughters, and for generations to come, it will be loved and cherished!

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  1. Roberta says:

    Incredible work, as always! Thanks for sharing! :O)

  2. Speechless!I love that you documented and detailed each step. The reason I choose A to Z is not just that I think your a fantastic person & precious friend, but the fact that you take such care and detail to restoring each piece as it should be. Instead of just slapping on a coat of paint, you render reconstruction and restoration to the original integrity of the piece that most never really see. The time, effort,blood, sweat,& tears that are part of each customization does NOT go unnoticed or appreciated. This is what sets your work apart from others. Its quality + beauty! You are beyond talented at what you do and I am just in awe every time I purchase a piece from you. Which hopefully will be at least once a year on my birthdays!! For LIFE! <3

    • Thank you Brande! You are the only person that would have ever let me do this! It’s so nice to have a friend who thinks outside the box and encourages other to do the same! I am always honored to create for you!

  3. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    I enjoyed every pic on this and what all you did to achieve this beautiful piece! I haven’t seen anything quite like it!
    I, also, learned a bit about Bondo…never heard of it before now. My husband said it is used to fix dents in vehicles. Hmmm. Now I know what to do to fix the frames and mirrors that are missing small pieces. See, you educate as well! I have to get some of that pink paint, thanks for telling us the color and brand!!
    Enjoy your blog!

    • Thank you Carolyn! I’m lucky enough to have a hubby who restores and paints vehicles so he’s taught me a lot :) I prefer Bondo for repairing carved areas because it has such a hard, solid finish! It’s paintable too! I’m so glad you enjoyed the information and I can’t wait to share more!

  4. This is a show-stopping beauty – my mouth is hanging open in total awe of what you accomplished. Great tip about Bondo.

  5. This piece is amazing. You truly have a gift. Thank you for sharing. I love it!

  6. Susan McVay says:

    Wow!! I never knew that you could use bondo to repair wood!! I have several pieces that I have not started on because they have curvy scrolly trim on them and I have never been able to settle on a way to repair it!! I had this whole “Ok I will have to make a mold from the detail that IS still there and then use some sort of ? wood putty?sculpy clay?something? to manufacture the missing detail and then trim and sand it to fit???” It just intimidated me to the point where I just have left those pieces sit. NOW I am going to snag me some bondo and get to work :-) Thank you !! This piece is STUNNING!!! Way to upcycle!

  7. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I have ever seen! My husband and I inherited an old washstand from his moth and the door has curved veneer I didn’t know what we were going to do to repair it , now thanks to you bondo I can’t wait!!!!

  8. COURTNEY NIX says:

    Did you put wax on it to finish or what

  9. Absolutely stunning! I’ve walked away from pieces that were in my budget because of missing veneer. Now I know how to repair these flaws. Thanks for sharing your talent and experience. You truly have an artist’s eye and the ability to back it up!!

    • Thank you so much Janice! Your sweet words mean so much! I’m really glad you found the post informative and I hope it inspires you to give bondo repair a go! There are video tutorials on the page that will walk you through the process too! Just click on the “Tutorials” tab! All the best, Angela

  10. Patricia Dennis says:

    That is awesome! I’m not a pink person, nor are my granddaughters, but…..that is beautiful! It would be beautiful in ANY bedroom! You did a fabulous job!

  11. Colleen S says:

    I have never seen such an exquisite and elaborately detailed piece of furniture. You must have had to pay a fortune for it! You did a fantastically, beautiful job on it!

    • Collen, because of the condition, I actually got it for a pretty good price! I purchased it in a set at a flea market. It had the matching three drawer dresser and mirror. I kept those for myself :) I used the mirror over the vanity in my bathroom and I use the dresser as a buffet. You can see it’s makeover here: Thank you so much for your kind comments!

  12. COURTNEY NIX says:

    This is the prettiest pick of furniture I have every seen. Going to try to follow your instructions and paint my daughter’s furniture in this color. Beuatiful you should be very proud of yourself!

    • Thank you for your kind words Courtney! All the best painting your daughter’s furniture! You let me know if you have any questions! Be fearless!!! ~Angela~

  13. WOW, I would crawl 100 miles to find a gem like that , and tote ot on my back to get it home. Love the pink, I pink think people use pink enought. So glad to know you are keeping it . Its Beautiful. Thanks for posting

  14. This piece is breath taking! As are so many of your pieces.
    I’m new to painting. However I have been all over the net looking for information and inspiration, how to’s ect.
    Then I found you! Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. I really enjoy watching your pieces come to life!
    I so look forward to opening my FB in the morning to see if you and my other favorite lady have posted anything new! It’s like Christmas all year! Thank you so much!
    Sincerely Cyndi

    • Aww, Cyndi…such a sweet comment!! Thank you so much for taking the time to brighten my day! I hope I can continue to inspire you! xoxo

  15. Breathtaking piece. Exquisite makeover, Angela. You did a fabulous job!

    I love so much about it, I featured it as a Friday Favorite today. Hope you stop by to see how I bragged about your beauty.

    Have a wonderful creative weekend~


  16. stunning! Thanks for the information on how to heal a beauty in disguise….this is just gorgeous

  17. Wow, what a beautiful lady you brought back to life. So much charm but what happened to the rays that were on the front of the dresser before ? I thought they were carved into the wood. Either way, she’s a beauty. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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