Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all the rage and this chic is a fan! I like ‘em all…big, small, classic, or funky! For me, the real magic happens when a wall captivates it’s audience and tells a story though! My gallery wall was captured and shared in a bad picture on Instagram last week when a friend tagged me in a #widn {what I’m doing now} post. At that moment, I was laying on the sofa, doing absolutely nothing more than basking in the serenity of a dark, quiet house. I’m glad that less than perfect pic was captured though because the comments led made me want to share all the details of my story wall. You know at my core that’s really what I am, right…a story teller? It’s what makes life interesting!

Let me share the whole wall first!

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

I’d actually like to add a few accent stripes to this wall but I’m waiting for my mind to settle on placement. It may or may not happen. My home is ever changing. That entertainment center is whispering to me too…I’m gonna wait for a scream though!

Let me take you in for a closer look at my favorite things! Some things, like these pictures have no deep sentimental meaning or value. I just like them! The colors, the scene, the frame…I just like them! Oh and they were like almost free at an estate sale!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

The mirror just above it hold the same story. It was a cheap yard sale rescue but I dig the shape and the aging on the mirror inspires me! Oh…and it reflects my “Weird Window Solution” beautifully!

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

The license plate is a bit sentimental. Not only is it my favorite of all the colors in the world, I brought it back from my pickin’ trip to Chicago last year with my best girlfriend, Shannon! I’m still not sure how we survived that!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall


The canvas is something newish. I actually plucked it from a frame I sold last summer…it used to look like this:Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

I won’t get into the details because they make me sound a tiny bit crazy but recurring water dreams over the past year prompted the current look. As a creative person, I believe many ideas come to me in dreams and in many ways processing them with my hands serve to heal. It’s probably no big surprise my interpretation of the water would include patina! I’m telling you, I really am addicted to Modern Masters Metal Effects! I’m sharing several pics of this one but none do it justice. It really is rich and full of depth!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

The ledge that sits below is actually a piece of architectural salvage, the top of a window casing. I love it because it’s the real deal cracking, layered, chippy goodness I strive for! If faux is your thing, find the real deal and keep it around for inspiration!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Just below that is a piece I put together with lumber from belgium glass shipping crate. The shipping crate was huge with cool stamps from across the world! I turned it into a bar which I’ll share with you later, but in doing so, I lost a few boards. Those became my reminder to choose love…if you look closely you’ll see the “L” reads “Pressure Relief Valves”. I thought it was fitting!  Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

The other side of the wall is all meaningful to me! Starting at the top, the antique level. It has my heart for so many reasons! Not only does it have cool chippy paint on it…

It smiles when in balance!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

It serves as a daily reminder to check my balance! I’m not a mom who has it all together, I just play one on t.v.! I try to keep it real which is one of the reasons I just don’t share too much personal stuff! It’s nutts! I juggle working from home and mothering three boys in the nest. It’s very easy to get my priorities out of order. In fact, it’s quiet difficult to keep them in line! This helps me!

In addition to clocks and scales, I have a thing for anything with a dial on it. I don’t know why. I just do. This pressure gauge {with a crack!} reminds me to simmer down! I know. I look sooo sweet but the truth is, I can be a hot head. I’m getting better about thinking before reacting and my reactions have been much more positive of late but I sure don’t mind the rusty token to keep me moving in that direction!  Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Besides being perfectly aged by time and inspiring me with a flawless fading ombre effect, the MACK Truck side mirror reminds me to keep my eyes on the road ahead of me, NOT behind! Focusing on the past is a trap! It’s one I’ve found myself victim to many times. I can’t claim a complete victory YET but my side view mirror ke

eps me in check! Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Oooooooowwwwweeeeee!!! Makes me wanna shout!
Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall


My FAV. A Bentley Original. A Masterpiece. Bentley is a patient at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. He is fighting Acute Lymphocystic Leukemia. I WON his masterpiece at The Gallery of Hope last year after falling in love with his bio. He was so full of hope and positivity. I wanted to pick him up and hug him and love on him forever. I wanted to fight with him. I wanted to do something for him. He inspired me that night and he inspires me every time I look at his googly eyed dinosaur. Is it not the coolest dinosaur ever? It’s kind of amazing how people you’ve never met can touch you so deeply!Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Last, but not least, the rust that ties it all together…my pretty, patinated wings! If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I kinda have a thing for wings. They appear in my logo, on my stamp, and in almost every room of my home. Wings speak of freedom to me. They speak of hope, newness and wholeness. I’ve always been drawn to broken, unwanted things and I’ve always enjoyed the mending process. Stamping wings on a reFreshed piece of furniture, though it may not be new, makes it feel whole to me. Having wings in my home helps me to remember to look for the beauty in everything around me! Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall

Creating a Story Wall, aka A Gallery Wall


Shew! That was like a novel! I hope you made it thru all the stories! I certainly don’t expect that each one left you feeling all gushy like they do me…after all, they are MY stories! What I do hope is that the post left you inspired to collect and display the things that touch you, inspire you, make you feel good inside! Set before you the things that remind you of who you are and who you want to be! Tell YOUR story!

BTW, I’m sorry I didn’t share a “how to arrange” post. There are seriously like a gazillion really good ones on Pinterest! I didn’t see any point in repeating what’s already been done! Oh, and you can find tutorials for all those cool patinas by entering “Modern Masters”  in search field to the right of my page! Way too many to link to in the post without annoying ya!

I love y’all! Big, fat smooches!

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every word! What we use in our decor SHOULD always speak to us, display ourselves, shout our faith, our special memories, and all of that. I can identify with all of the aspects of you that your wall items speak of. (Not sure that last sentence made sense…read slowly maybe? Ha!) I always enjoy how you reveal your heart in your posts. You are lovely, inside and out!

    • You always bless me with your thoughtful comments, Kim! Thank you for taking the time to leave them! Your sentence made perfect sense! You are a beautiful soul and I am so thankful for your presence! xoxo

  2. Hey Angela!
    What color paint is on the entertainment center. And did you wax it and if so what color wax


    • Sherry, it’s been so long since I painted it I honestly can’t remember the color. There is no dark wax on it. I just used a relief technique to paint it :)

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