Full Of Hope

Tip Talkin’ ‘Tuesday is taking a back seat this week. I’ve been in awe over how things come together and bursting with emotion so I thought I’d share!

Last week, I had a little break in custom work so I pulled a few end tables from my unpainted section to play with. This is always exciting for me!  I love the creative freedom but I’d be a liar if I said that creative freedom didn’t come with it’s own anxiety! Will it sell?  Will people think I’ve lost my mind? Since I’m not afraid of color and I always have a spot in mind for furniture I buy, I went bold! Skydive Blue, an extra chippy finish with paper accents to boot! I was in love but I knew it would take an extra special person to love them as much as me!

chippy blue end tables

Paper Decoupaged top

That extra special person was Julie and her only day off was the following day so we  made a date! Julie was hoping the postcard tops would compliment the fabric on the chairs her sister upholstered for her. Rejection stinks so I was a tad bit nervous. She arrived right on time and was so excited to see the tables. We went right to them, no chit chat! I was relieved when she said she loved them and wanted to take them home. With the help of my little man, we loaded the tables then did a little strolling through the shop. It’s always nice to get to know first time clients! We talked about our children, their college plans and our crazy work schedules. Julie is an Oncology Pharmacist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital with a 6 day work week. I expressed my deep appreciation for her and all those in the pediatric medical field! It takes a very special person to care for a sick child, especially a child with cancer. As we were talking, Julie pulled a business card from her purse. She said she thought to grab it on her way out the door thinking I may want to donate or attend the Gallery of Hope in November. As she told me more the art auction and how local artists and cancer patients donate their work to raise money for children with childhood cancer, God touched my heart. Tears began to flow as I realized I already had the piece that was meant for the auction! In fact, Julie and I had been getting to know each other next to it for the last 20 minutes!

Let me tell you why I KNEW this piece was meant for the Gallery of Hope 2013! 

Months ago, this piece caught my eye at an estate sale and I HAD to have it! No idea why! Something told me to buy it!!

I OVERPAID for it…I knew going into it there wouldn’t be a huge profit! I’d never seen such a pretty piece in person though! I couldn’t NOT get it!

It sat in the shop forever before I decided how I was going to paint it.  Not good when you over pay for a piece! I didn’t want to just paint it though, I wanted to be inspired!

So, it’s finished, gorgeous, and even though it was shared several times over on Facebook, got a huge number of likes and gets touched by every client that comes into the shop, there have been no takers! Why…


Kitchen Scale Chest

Antique Painted Chest

Chippy Chest

Chippy Details

MMS-Kitchen Scale and Websters Chalk Paint Powder

Distressing Details

Painted Chest Details

Front View

Close up of distressing

Leg Close up

Hymnal Covered Marble :)

scripture decoupage scripture decoupage

Now, I would never pretend to know how God works. His ways are so much higher than mine! I am just a woman who creates, and I’m blessed to get to do what I love, but as Julie and I cried and snotted all over each other in the middle of the shop last week, I thanked Him for using me! He had a purpose for this dresser 7 months ago when I overpaid for it! He knew it would sit here until Julie made her way to my shop. He knew she would share that passion He placed in her heart for children and it would all come together! I pray this Dresser of Hope, as Julie has named itbrings joy to whomever purchases it and I pray the money it brings will be blessed and multiplied!!

Guess what? You are here, reading this blog at the perfect time too! I hope you’ll take a moment and visit the American Childhood Cancer Organization! I’ve attached a link at the bottom of this post. You can purchase tickets for The Gallery Of Hope (and join me for the fun!), learn more about local events and make a gift of hope!

scripture decoupage

WOW.  I have no idea what Hymn this is, but it was obviously meant to be on the dresser! The last two verses are so fitting!!! 

You may not have the means to donate art or money, but you can help! We can all do something! Please take a moment to LIKE and share their Facebook page! It only takes a few seconds of your time and you never know how that will help!

I love you all and I appreciate you letting me share my heart with you this week! It was just about to bust!!! Time and time again, y’all bless me beyond measure!  Hope to see ya in November! 

American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas

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  1. Shannon Sweeney says:

    Wow!! Truly touching!! If I was there, I would go with ya. Great job!!

  2. It’s gorgeous and what a precious story and cause. :)

  3. That is a great story. God is always in control even when we don’t realize it.

  4. Pamela Rossetti says:

    Beautiful piece and wonderful story of God’s leading. Our Lord is great and full of wisdom and compassion. Pam

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