High Quality Tools=High Quality Work

That’s my thinking anyway so, instead of passing out cheap chip brushes for my ladies to use at the workshop, I took my own personal tools. The ones I use everyday and love! I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favorites! Some of the ladies complimented my mad brush cleaning skills so I’m gonna share that secret with you too!

Best Brushes for Chalk Paint

Now, I should clarify my previous statement. I have some “disposable” brushes too. I like the little black stiff brushes {in the smaller crock} for placing dark wax into details. They are less than $3 for a 6 pk at Hobby Lobby. I also use inexpensive artist brushes for detail work. When it comes to painting though, I stick to quality brushes! I have several styles, sizes and angles but most are the same kind.

I LOVE Wooster’s Pro Chinex Brushes for painting! They are soft but stiff and great for spreading chalk paint! The 2 or 2 1/2 inch brushes are the perfect size for most projects. In addition to flat, I like the angle sash brush.  For those of you who like the feel of a shorter handle, Wooster also makes a Shortcut version with Chinex Bristles {which I have yet to find locally}. The bristles are synthetic and designed for heavy bodied paint. It picks it up and distributes it well without absorbing it into the bristle. That makes for really quick and easy clean up!




For Clear Coats, I prefer Corona’s White China Bristle. The natural bristles hold onto the liquid goodness and lay it on smooth with no brush lines!

CORONA China Bristle

These brushes cost between $13-$20 each. Seems like a lot but I promise, they are worth every cent! Now, y’all know I’m frugal and I am not trying to replace brushes all the time so I am consistent about the care of my brushes! I don’t always wash them everyday. In fact, I go several days sometimes. Why wash it when I may need it again? For that reason, I usually keep my brushes stored until a project is complete. I use cheap {get used to me using that word frequently!} gallon size Twist Tie Bags. They are only a few bucks and you get 100 in a box! They work well for storing rollers too!

Storing paint brushes

I wrap the wet brush and squeeze all the air from the bag. The brush will keep for several days that way.

Storing paint covered brushes

Once I’m done with it for the week, I wash them in hot water then scrub them with Dawn dish soap. Sometimes that’s all they need. Other times, they need a little more care…

dirty paint brush

To remove that buildup, I use a little of my Homemade Laundry Detergent! That’s right! It’s not just great for clothes! You can find 5 million recipes online these days. I used a basic one and LOVE it! Back to the brushes…

cleaning a paint brush

I just dip my dirty brush in the mixture then cup it between both hands. I rub the brush vigorously {think of warming your cold hands} and the build up comes off instantly!

clean brush

Oh so clean and oh so soft!! Once a month or so, I’ll pamper them a little more with a hot vinegar bath. I’ve had some of these brushes for years! While the handles on most show a colorful past, the bristles are nice and clean! You want to remove all the excess water from your brushes and either lay them flat or hang them with the bristles down to dry. You never want to dry with the bristles up! This will cause moisture to get trapped behind the ferrule which will break down the bristles and lead to nastiness!

I should note, Wooster and Corona likely don’t know I exist…they haven’t paid me or given me anything! I really do love their products!

Paint on and clean on friends!

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  1. Hey! I’m loving your posts! Maybe I missed it but how do you make the Homemade Laundry detergent that you wash your brushes with?


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