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I’d like to thank the Suddenlink Cable guy who inspired my blog post this week. While I am very happy with the professional service he gave, that’s not what I am thanking him for! He gave me much more than a home phone! He gave me the confidence to share a bit of my home! Let me set the stage. My appointment was between 12-2 so I got out to the shop a little early. By noon, it was 98 in the shop, I had already put in several hours and I was a hot mess…literally! He called to say he’d be here in 10 minutes so I bagged my brushes and headed into the house.

I came in to find a tossed house and no time to pick up!  The thought of someone coming into my dirty house usually gives me a feeling of panic. I think people have an expectation that my home is immaculate with gorgeous decor and magazine worthy rooms! We live here man, and I mean, really live here! That’s one of the reasons you don’t see many pics from inside my home. It’s not that I don’t want to share. I honestly fear the critic of others. There. I said it! Why? Because people can be so dang mean! I actually had someone ask me why I had rolls of toilet paper displayed in the pics of  my re-purposed vanity! Ummm. because that is where I keep the toilet paper! I have no time to stage photos, m’kay!  

{Sorry, tiny rant over. Back to the point.}


So after fumbling with the 40 door locks which keep our little escape artist in, I answered the door covered in sweat and green paint. He greeted me with a smile and didn’t even seem to notice the paint on my face or my bozo hair {this hair doesn’t stand a chance against the AR humidity!}. He introduced himself and got right to installing my new high speed cable phone line. I apologized for the dust and miles of {organized} wires under my entertainment center. He didn’t seem bothered by those either. I made myself a sandwich and we exchanged small talk as we waited for the new modem to connect. I couldn’t help but notice he was really looking around the place!  My critical mind went right to the mountain of laundry in the chair and the half eaten pop-tart on the coffee table! He must think we are slobs, I thought! On top of the madness that is the Davis house in the summer, my three year old was rambling on about everything under the sun, including where he went potty on our weekend swim trip! I didn’t completely translate that sentence :)

Once he got all the components hooked up and verified service, he began to question me about my decor. He asked if the door leaning against the wall was really an old door or did I buy it with the light on it. And was that really on old window pane hanging over my couch? What about those rusty keyhole plates…were they authentic?

I’m pretty sure my smile looked as goofy as my hair… Yes! It’s all junk I’ve collected over the years,! I responded! Turns out, he wasn’t judging my mess, he was genuinely in awe of my junk! You have no idea how happy that made me! Not only was he inspired by my re-purposed decor, he thought the stories behind them were cool! I realized at that point, my yearning for everything on the Joss and Main website the night before was unnecessary!  My fear of sharing was too, and that mean comment after my last blog…forgotten!

Who knew the cable guy would show up with a dose of goodness and make me see, my home is just fine as it is! In fact, it’s exactly what I strive to help my clients attain! A home that is a reflection of the unique personalities that reside there! I admit, the side mirror from the MAC truck is not the norm for wall decor, and there are several things in my home that will make you go hmmm…but each piece means something to me and brings a smile to my face! Our home is not an enormous estate with elaborate furnishings but it’s a home full of stories, memories and love! Guess what? I’m pretty darn happy with that!

So guess what? I’m gonna share a few of the items he was fascinated by and a few of my favorite pieces!

Antique Window Pane as Decor

The mirror here is from a bathroom vanity from the 20’s. Hanging over it is a wreath made from coffee filters and scrap fabric.

Collage of junk I love!

Lots of love on this wall! All repurposed junk!

Junk Collage

The keys are a collection of some of the coolest keys I’ve picked up over the years. The “94” is the year my hubby and I were married and the door plates are representative of the 5 doors to our future…our children!

Rusty Keyhole Plates as decor

The brass “Little Rock” printing press represents our State Capitol and where we were married :)

Rusty MAC Truck Mirror as decor

No real meaning here…even though my hubby thinks it means he is the “MAC Daddy”…I just love the colors!

Art from an old shipping Crate

I made this from a shipping crate used to ship Belgium Glass here in the 30’s The rest of the crate became a cool portable bar…

Wall Art from antique shipping crate

I have no idea what kind of Pressure Relief Valves were in this crate but I loved the writing on the front!

Mirror made from shims

This mirror cost less than $20 to make! It is constructed with leveling shims.

Vintage book vignette

I have a thing for vintage clocks, books, and well, you know I am obsessed with rusty metal so, this is a little slice of love for me!

Antique Brass Printing Plate as decor

This antique brass printing plate has everything I love…patina, writing, metal and it’s unique!

Mirror made from Colored Bamboo

This mirror cost about $15 to make and is constructed from colored bamboo! It is huge and fills an awkward void between my tv and vaulted ceiling.

Vintage Shipping Crate for Throw Blankets

This vintage crate holds extra throw blankets in my living room.

reStyled Brass Light Fixture

I got this brass chandelier for $5 at Habitat for Humanity. I spray painted it and used scrapbook paper to cover the light thingys :) It hangs over my kitchen sink.

Rusty Flour Sifter for flowers

A rusty flour sifter looks great with delicate flowers!

Shutter Photo Storage

I don’t have a lot of wall space so this shutter allows me to pin up some of my favorite snapshots.

Antique Chevy Hubcap as decor

I LOVE these antique Chevy Hubcaps! I have a pair of them hanging in my bedroom.

Barnwood and an inexpensive hook make for great towel hanging!

I don’t have room for a towel bar within arms reach of my shower so I opted for a leaning piece of barnwood! I added an inexpensive hook from Hobby Lobby.

I did it! I opened myself up to the critic of my readers! I’m feeling pretty ok about it too! I’d like to close the post with a challenge. Will you join me in loving your home for what it is?  Remember that it’s ok to look to other’s design choices and awesome websites for inspiration but don’t get wrapped up in what you don’t have! Your home doesn’t have to look like someone else’s! It also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to furnish! Most importantly, nobody else has to like it!

UPDATE! I shared my bamboo mirror on Good Morning Arkansas! Watch the video here!


Big Cyber Smooches!!


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  1. Marisa Hulin says:

    Angela, your decor and home are beautiful! And all homes that are “lived in” are supposed to be that way. Kuddos to the cable guy for opening your eyes! xoxo

  2. You go girl!!! It is all beautiful. Love the white light!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh how I love you. You are so right!! I’ve been to your house a billion time, I’ve seen it crazy and I’ve seen it spotless. But no matter what it feels warm and welcoming. I myself am always in awe of your ideas and love how your family is the center of your creativity. I also love how “my best friend” Owen gets excited and wants to show me anything you have done since the last time I was over.( I’m getting very good at translating.) :)

    • You are the best! So many items around here are from our sweet pickin and I am so thankful for the memories they hold! Love you friend!! BTW…Your best friend Owen wanted to show the cable guy all the home improvements too!!!

  4. Love the blog, love your home, LOVE YOU!

  5. Angela. I absolutely love everything in your pictures, and it comes as no surprise to me the pieces I saw. Thare’s a lot of love in that house-I feel it! I love you sweet girl!

  6. Shirley Wells says:

    Love your home! I have a thing for old clocks and books also!

  7. Lynda Swinney says:

    Love seeing your home!! Makes me feel very comfortable as our home is also very lived in. Isn’t the point of a home to provide shelter and comfort and not to be a showcase for someone’s things? I can go to a museum for that. I appreciate very much how you display the things that you love and have meaning to you and your loved ones and not the latest fad from PB. My only complaint is that I can’t see more! You inspire me to love my home for what it is and not be envious of others for what I don”t have.

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet comment Lynda! It’s funny to look at this post because so much has changed since then! We had a flood in the house which forced some renovations :) I really should post an updated pic soon! I’m glad you’re here and I’m glad the post inspired you! All the best! Angela

  8. Terri Austill says:

    I can see why your Cable guy was in awe! Your décor is awesome! I even love the Mack truck mirror! You have nothing to be ashamed of, I think it’s all wonderful! Enjoy it!

  9. Christy Livingston says:

    I came across your blog by way of Hometalk and I’m so glad that I did. I love to read a blog where the writer makes you feel as if you could be best friends. You come across as a genuine person who has the same fears as the rest of the world who isn’t ashamed to admit that her home is actually “lived in” and not spotless all the time. So many times I’ve run across blogs where the writers are trying to copy mass produced items out of catalogs instead of trying to be creative and different. Who wants to be just like everyone else? I applaud you for your great taste in your decor choices and please don’t ever be afraid to step outside of the box and be different. That’s what makes each of us unique. Thank you for being real!

    • Well, Christy, I am honored to have you here and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! I am so thankful for folks like you who appreciate real! Thank you for your kind words and encouraging spirit! You make this whole blogging thing so much more enjoyable! xoxo

  10. chris aka monkey says:

    wow i am new to your blog, and i will be back (following) it hurt my heart when you said you didn’t want to share all of your glorious finds because of the “haters” these people really get me riled up… you are not the only one that has them.. i get very verbal at them…. i think most of them live in a sterile world and don’t have a creative thought between them kudos to the cable guy and to you please ignore them and share on girl you are fantastic xx

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