Meet Angela

Meet Angela, Owner and Artist

Hi there! I’m Angela and I’m delighted you’ve found me! You should know up front, I’m a total rebel…in the design realm anyway! My creativity is derived from a lack of fear, fueled by passion, and always reflects me! I’m a lover of color, sunsets, craft beer, and sushi!

What I do:

I paint the world happy by refreshing furniture for my trusting clients. I’ve been providing custom services for over a decade and I fall more in love with my job each year. I also teach! I share the joys of my creative heart via workshops, this blog, and my ebook, “The Finishing Touch”.

What excites me:

Breathing life into the unloved, unused items that make their way to me!

Growing and learning, even when it’s by failure.

Getting others hooked on the brush!

What I’m dedicated to:

My family and friends.

Making a difference in word and deed.

Finding a cure for Childhood Cancer and eliminating Batten Disease.

What I believe:

Much like the furniture I work on everyday, I am full of flaws! Despite by brokenness and scars, God deemed me worthy of saving and continues to work on me! I praise Him for every open door and thank Him for the ones He closes too!

I’m excited to be traveling this road with you and I look forward to getting to know you better! I hope my words will inspire you to look beyond the exterior, find beauty in the imperfect things, and share your passion, whatever it may be, with the ones around you!

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