My First Private Lesson

Before I show you the finished project from my first private lesson, let me introduce you to my student. Her name is Shannon and if you’ve known me long, you know she is my best buddy and my trusty picking friend! She has spent the last year being my lead woman. She gets all the estate sale emails, scours the Internet for auctions and sales and then schedules our outings. There have been a few sales that I really didn’t want to go to but they ended up being the best!! That’s because Shannon has that thing…you know, that gift of knowing when something is gonna be good! We go together like peas and carrots and I love her!

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Pickin Friends

Pickin Friends


Pickin Friends

Pickin FriendsModeling a polyester find for our vintage clothes loving friend Brande…Pickin Friends Pickin Friends

Can you see why I love her so much? She’s a little crazy but in a good way. Her smile is infectious and her heart is big. She’s encouraged me to do many things this last year and talked me out of some really dumb things too! She has a servant’s heart and is always thinking of and putting others needs ahead of her own. While I am so excited about the new chapter in her life as she moves to another state, my heart hurts when I think about her not being here! We’ve picked barns, estate sales of deceased actresses {totally creepy but totally cool too} and even picked places where a scarf around our face was necessary! I am so thankful for every memory we’ve made over the last year!

Now, this is not the first time Shannon has had a brush in her hand. She spent a week in the shop with me before our big antique show in January and we banged out some work!  After the 20th window pane, she cussed me and vowed to never paint again! That didn’t last! She picked up the brush a few more times to help me with workshops. Even though I really did want to teach her all my secrets before she goes, my motive for our “private lessons” were a little selfish. I figured the torture of making her paint would make for some great memories! She brought 2 dressers and a bed over and we got started this week. Here’s piece #1 before:

antique chest before veneer damage

After we fixed damaged veneer {how-to blog post coming soon}, we painted it with Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and Benjamin Moore’s Weimaraner. We distressed it and accented the carvings with Royal Stencil Creme in Pearl Oyster. It took us two days and while she never cussed, she did protest a few times! It was really nice to sit side by side, me painting one side and Shannon painting the other. In the end, you couldn’t tell who did what  so I call it a success!!

Painted Antique Chest Full Top View Side View Side details Top Close up 2 Corner Detail Top Close Up

Top Close Up 3

Leg Detail Veneer Detail Veneer Detail Metallic Details

What do you think? Did Shannon do an awesome job or what?!? She never gives herself enough credit but I think she is amazing and I think she can paint anything she wants to!I can’t imagine my first private lesson being with anyone else :)

P.S. If you don’t hear from me for a few days it’s because Shannon has killed me! I love every single crazy picture I posted but she may not!

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  1. I’m so glad she didn’t burn it! Lol!!! I love her too and she is do talented!!! It looks awesome! Xoxo

  2. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    Love the piece, awesome!
    Awesome job painting it, too!!

  3. Lisa Whitson says:

    Wow! Beautiful. After Saturday’s class I can vouch for you and Shannon. Great teacher, great student.

  4. Hilary Frandy says:

    I want a private lesson too!

  5. Hilary Frandy says:

    Love the way you played up the missing veneer. I’ve always said if you’ve got lemons make lemonade. Instead of trying hide it you accented it. Beautiful.

  6. Sherry Henson says:

    This piece is beautiful! I so sorry that your “partner in crime” is moving to another state.

  7. I’m balling!!..What a beautiful good bye gift, although good-byes aren’t really good bye anymore. I recognized that dresser…it turned out beautiful! Soooo proud of Shannon! I love you two so much!

  8. I’ve learned to appreciate imperfections. It took me awhile to be able to day this, but there is beauty in the scars! You two did a wonderful job on this piece. I can’t wait to see the headboard. Wonder how kitchen cabinets would look painted in the color?!?

    • Yes Amy! Sometimes those scars are what makes a piece more beautiful! I’m in love with this color! It would be worth a try on cabinets! It’s really nice with dark wax too!

  9. Did you mix the Webster’s Chalk paint with the Weimaraner and paint the entire piece with that? Also, what did you use to distress the piece?

    • Yes, Samantha. The entire piece was painted with the Weimaraner/Websters mixture. I am pretty sure I used several distressing techniques on this one, including a wet Scotch Brite pad. Hope that helps!

  10. I’m going to paint my grandma’s hope chest with this combo. What did you use to get the dark outlines in the crevices?


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