My rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

If you’ve shopped for a bathroom vanity lately, you know they are crazy expensive! We’ve been needing to replace the 80’s vanity in our hall bath since we bought the house 7 years ago! It was just one of those projects we kept putting off. When the house flooded a few months back, the flooring had to be ripped out so this was the perfect opportunity to work on the vanity. It’s a small bathroom that is mainly used by my boys so I had to have something sturdy. I shopped around and was not impressed with anything I could find locally. I just could NOT make myself pay $400 + for a pressed wood vanity with no character! So, it decided to convert a piece of furniture into a vanity!

 Initially, I had my heart set on using this old sewing machine base. 
painted sewing machine base

The problem was finding a sink small enough to fit the dimensions. I could have went with a vessel sink but then I’d be right back at the $$ amount of a new vanity. While vessel sinks are nice to look at, they are not so practical with little ones. Most of them don’t have an overflow drain and with a three year old, that is a necessity! After sulking and whining for a week and almost giving in and buying a pre-fab vanity, I decided to find another piece of furniture!

I found this piece at a flea market  last year for $40. The bottom drawers were beyond repair so I removed them and added a shelf.

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

After painting it my favorite accent color, I fell in love and couldn’t sell it. It served me well in the back entry and held a little bit of everything. Extra throw blankets, school supplies and eventually some junk…you have those junk drawers too, right?

Orange Painted Chest

Anyway, it was perfectly sized for the bathroom so I committed!!

 I won’t lie, I was really nervous about this project! What if it looked crazy? Then I’d be back to square one AND have a hole in the top of a piece I loved! I didn’t have much to lose though and really wanted to get the bathroom put back together! It was actually a pretty simple process and I am gonna walk you through it!  First things first, investigate the structure of your piece. This one had a support in the middle that would not allow me to drop a sink there. Once you figure out where you can drop the sink, figure how much room you have. My piece was only 19″ deep so my options were limited. We found this sink at Home Depot for $39, faucet not included. DEAL!

drop in sink

It did come with a template to make centering and marking easier.  The template was paper thin! We taped it down then traced along the line with a fat sharpie until it bled through. From there, I used my jig saw to cut a straight line down the middle of the oval, turning slightly at the line then continued around the entire template line. I ended up with this…

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

My heart almost stopped beating after that step! I couldn’t get the sink in fast enough! Installing the  drop sink was really easy but did require an extra set of hands. I just applied a little silicone, aligned the the sink and dropped it in. Hind sight tip: Install your faucet and attach the water lines before your drop the sink. It’s sooo hard to get up behind the sink to tighten those nuts!

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

Now comes the fun part! Plumbing!! Since we had to install the sink off center, our plumbing did not line up. It took several trips to Home Depot and hours of playing with pvc connections to configure what we needed. We ended up with a J-bend, a 90 degree thingy and several extension joints. Not the  pretty chrome p-traps I was wanting for the exposed bottom!


 Nothing a little paint can’t fix though!!


 Once the plumbing was all set, I attached the chest to the wood strip I’d anchored to the wall behind it. Even though the piece has legs and is very stable,  all I could picture was my three year old climbing up to wash his little nasty’s and flipping the vanity! I then imagined the plumbing being ripped from the wall and a major flood, so yea, I attached it!

To finish off the vanity, I had to cut down the drawers. They are tiny now but perfect for toothbrushes and paste. I marked each drawer and cut a straight line with my miter saw.

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

Since the drawer was too thick for my saw, I taped it off and used my jig saw to cut the rest.

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

I took the back of the drawer off and re-used it. Not pretty, but it’s functional! I used a little wood glue then my handy nail gun to attach it.

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity


I’m in LOVE with the finished vanity! It’s rock solid, has so much character and cost me less than $150 to make myself!!

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

rePurposed Bathroom Vanity

I used this old barn gate for the back splash! I’ve been in love with it since I picked it a year  ago. I’ve just been waiting for the perfect place to use it!

barn gate copy

 I detached the boards that formed the  “x” support in the back. I used one at the bottom {so I could seal the top} then attached the other boards on top. I used my nail gun for this project which made it super duper quick!  I left some of the the old nails and the rusty hinges because I love them!


rePurposed Bathroom Vanity rePurposed Barn Gate
rePurposed Barn Gate

rePurposed Barn Gate

The lovely mirror came from an antique medicine cabinet. You may notice, I have several metal tones going on in here. Rusty metal, brushed nickel, silver…you name it! I am not one of those who insist on one shade. I use what I love! I happen to like the character the different tones of metal bring and follow that trend throughout my home. Call me crazy!

I still have some finishing touches to put on the rest of the bathroom and I’ll show it to ya when it’s complete, but I was dying to share the vanity! I hope you are inspired to think outside the box and create something unique for your home! Have you created a one of a kind vanity? I’d love to see it and hear about your experience!

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  1. This is AmaZing!!! WOW!

  2. I really like this!! Everything fits together perfectly.

  3. Therese Haas says:

    Wow I love it. Some day I will find the perfect dresser. Just waiting for that one. Can I ask what color that paint is. I am not that ballsy to get something so out standing. I love it is bright and fun without being gaudy. You have such great taste. :)

  4. Renee Strange says:

    Very inspirational – love the whole thing! Hunting a dresser now!

  5. I love this Angela. I am looking for ideas to remodel my 1970’s bathroom. This is truly an inspiration. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Christine says:

    Oh, so inspiring! I’m going to make my bathroom vanity and am definitely into some kind of color. I was thinking a Dijon color, but corals absolutely suck me in. LOVE them!
    A small tip? When you cut down a drawer, start running across the entire bottom, first. Right to left. THEN cut the rest of the sides. That way, no matter what, you’ll have the correct measurements at the end. It’s easy to fuss up if you cut down the sides first. Then you can finish with jig or circular saw. I cut down a bunch of refrigerator cabinets for a 16′ 10″ wall unit I’m building. Learned the hard way. :)

    Anyway, absolutely gorgeous. That gate is really a show-stopper, too, against the mirror. Great job!

    • Oh!! What a great tip Christine! Thank you so much for sharing your advice and such sweet compliments! I’m a lover of Dijon too, btw! ;)

  7. great job Angela, I am going to link to this from something I am working on. ~jb

  8. Precisely what I was looking for, appreciate it for putting up.


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