Our first Webster’s Workshop

Webster's Chalk Paint Powder Workshop

Shew! Our first workshop is done and I just had to blog about it! It may or may not have been obvious to the participants of the class, but I was incredibly nervous! I’ve done my share of public speaking in the past and although I’ve never  had a problem chatting it up or sharing something I’m passionate about,  I did not enjoy the pressure of having to look cute and really hating memorizing key notes! I was a little worried that I’d feel the same way doing the workshops. Thankfully, I did not! I felt no need to get a manicure first or buy a new outfit! I actually didn’t even straighten my hair! I simply showed up in my work clothes and shared something I do love to do!

I could not have asked for a better bunch of ladies to have in my first class! I’ve provided custom work for a few of them, others I met for the first time at the workshop. Because they’ve all been an ever present source of encouragement on Facebook, I felt like I knew them all! Putting a face to a name is always cool!


Talk about fancy! We had turquoise Solo cups!


The before shots…I promise to do a better job next time!

workshop before pics workshopbefores

We started out by learning how to mix Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder then finished sample boards before moving to the furniture. I have to call out my blunder for the evening because after all, we all have them and they can be learning experiences for others! I used a new {to me} tablespoon to pre-measure out the powder before the workshop. Shannon and I scored it at a yard sale the day before, along with a bajillion tupperware bowls for mixing. It was obviously more than a tablespoon and everybody got a little more powder than needed! I tested it when I got it home and it was actually a Tbsp and a half {what it was for I’ll never know}! Nothing a little extra water didn’t fix. Did I mention I love the flexibility of Webster’s!




 workshop4 workshop2 workshop1 waxing table2 nightstand frame2 distressing3 distressing2 chair

The ladies were tha bomb! There were a few that were almost upside down painting! Every piece had it’s own signature style! I love that about painted furniture! Did you know that Webster’s works great on glossy, faux bamboo? Kimberly’s fish tank got a sweet update! Check it out, along with all the beautiful work my ladies created!

fishtank top2





IMG_3028 IMG_3029



Pretty impressive, huh? I’m still waiting to see a few of the pieces all out back together. I had a blast and can’t wait for the next workshop!

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  1. Hello! When is your next workshop, and where are you exactly? I’m in KC, so just wondering how long of a trek it is, but I love road trips. Thx!!

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