Painting Brick- A Fab Fireplace Makeover

We’re diving into a few of the projects that made the Pinewood Flip so flippin fabulous! My most loved transformation was by far the fireplace!

The before:

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

The dingy white bricks and rusted firebox were enough to make anyone wanna tear it down but I knew with a little paint and creativity, I could make it a stunning focal point!

I chose Moxie Paints to help me out. If you haven’t heard me rave about this line before, here goes!


First off, the entire line is VOC and solvent free. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it not only safe for the environment but for you and your family as well! If that and the yummy color selection were not enough, Moxie Paints also gives back! They donate 5% of all their profits to the Five Off Foundation. So, with each Moxie purchase, you support a healthier future for children living with Autism, Asperger’s, Autoimmune, Allergies and Asthma.

Oh, and the mastermind behind the line is just as sweet as pie and supporting her feels real good!

If you’re looking to paint brick, let me get you started with some necessary prep work. It’s imperative to make sure your paint adheres and dries properly.

1. Thoroughly clean the brick. I like to use a wire scrub brush to remove the dirt and dust. It helps to vacuum the crevices well before cleaning.

2. Coat the brick with trisodium phosphate (aka, TSP; wear gloves and safety goggles), and wash thoroughly with a bristled brush . Rinse with water and let dry.

3. Once dry, tape off the edges where the wall meets the brick. I’m a tiny bit messy so I use a wide tape.

Once prepped, the fun begins!Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

My vision for the fireplace didn’t require all the bricks to be painted so I used Moxie’s Slate on the ones that would show. Now, this may be the only time you ever hear this from me but a cheap brush works great for this technique! One with semi stiff bristles will help you pounce the paint down into the crevices. Once the base coat was dry I lightly dry brushed the face of the bricks with Moxie’s Vintage Lace. I found it best to do so in a downward motion but let the texture of the brick lead you here. The contrast of the two colors was a little much so I toned the white down with a dark glaze using a painters rag. It didn’t take much to achieve the look I wanted and a large grout sponge helped me blend it all in.

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Once I got the desired effect on the face of the bricks, I went back and touched up the grout with the base color. I shot a little video and edited the sound so you didn’t have to hear me sing or shout when I got the look I was going for!

The vent holes were not needed with the gas logs going in so I installed a new heat shield and covered the bottom portion of the fireplace with reclaimed ship lap. To do so, I used 1×1 strips of wood to frame out the fireplace. Pre-drilled holes and masonry screws made the strips of wood easy to install and super sturdy.

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

The ship lap was then nailed to the frame. Easy peezy.

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Because the ship lap was already white, I just dry brushed on a watered down mixture of the two colors I used on the bricks, allowing the wood to peak through in places. I lightly distressed in spots too,  to bring out the character of this hundred year old wood.Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Like I mentioned before, the firebox was rusty and worn. I sprayed it heavily with white vinegar then scrubbed the rust away with a wire brush…stinky but soo effective! Once the rust was gone(ish), I gave the firebox a couple of coats of this spray paint which is specially made for high heat environments. I used it to paint the gas line too because the bright yellow just wasn’t happening!Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

The color of this scratch and dent mantle was all wrong but the price was just right so I stained it with Moxie’s water based stain in Espresso…this stuff is soooo good, y’all!

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

I finished by trimming out the edges with moulding painted in Slate as well. New lava rocks, a gas log insert, and the refreshed mantle made the whole thing sing!
Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

An incredible transformation, wouldn’t you say?

fireplace makeover


Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a total body workout and your arms will hate you when you’re done! ALL worth it though! Painted Brick Fireplace Transformation

I hope this lends you the confidence to paint your brick and I sure hope you share it if you do!


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