{Perfect Union}

Ladies and gentlemen. It’s my honor to introduce the newlyweds! With a host of children present {because that’s just what my kids have to endure on Spring Break} and iheart radio’s All Beatles and Stones station drowning out the cordless screwdriver, Duncan Phyfe and the oh-so-gorgeous Farm Door were united in dining table matrimony!

Chippy Door meets Duncan Phyfe Legs

Before I show them off in their entirety, let me tell you how they met! Back in January, I arranged a date for Farm Door to join a rusty feed trough for the Antique Alley Antique Show.

Rustic Kitchen Island

rustic kitchen island


Together, they made the most amazing, rustic kitchen island! Like so many in attendance, I was in awe of the rustic beauty and as the show neared an end, I realized I was in love! I could just picture it as a hub in my kitchen! Well, let me rephrase that…I could picture it as a hub in my future kitchen! We are working hard for an expansion but for now, my tiny kitchen only wishes it had the space for such an island!

Knowing it wouldn’t work for now but also knowing I could never find the same materials to create it again, I brought the island home and set it up in the shop. Not only did it provide much needed storage, it was the perfect height for mixing paint and easy to clean! While I really enjoyed the work space, I often thought how it’s beauty was being wasted in the shop. Besides pick up’s, drop offs, and a few helpers now and again, I’m the only one in there!

So, last week, I set aside a day to work on our dining room table. It’s been waiting in line to be refinished since being rescued from the Goodwill a year ago. You know how it is! Despite their best effort, the boys couldn’t help me get the beast out the door to the shop, so I decided to take the top off. That’s when the little light bulb in my head went off! I could use the legs of the Duncan Phyfe {my favorite part anyway} and the door from the island!! I’m pretty sure I heard angels sing!! It was incredibly easy to do!

All it took to remove the old top was 6 screws.

removing table top

I just reused them to secure the door!

Now, obviously, you’d want to center everything, line this up with that…the boring but necessary stuff I didn’t take pictures of! Here’s a little progression shot.

making a dining table from a door

And a few details. I did nothing to the door. That beautiful chippy finish is original! I used Websters Chalk Paint Powder and Benjamin Moore’s Wiemaraner on the legs. Because our dining room table is always in use, I sealed them with a few coats of Poly.

IMG_2567 copy

IMG_2566 copy

  IMG_2552 copy IMG_2549 copy

IMG_2553 copyI’m in love and so happy to have this old door front and center in my house! Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect sized dough bowl to place on top and new chairs! 

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  1. I love your door table! What kind of glass did you use? How did you secure it to the door so that it doesn’t move? I have a sculpted door so it needs a top glass to work as a table. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Joann! The door is secured to the table legs just as the original top was. The glass is actually tempered glass from a storm door but you can purchase large sheets to fit your specific door. Hope that helps!

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