Pinterest Party Success!

Oh my goodness! I couldn’t wait to blog about last night’s “Pinterest Party”! To bring my love for repurposing AND painting together was nothing short of amazing! Seeing others enjoy both…priceless.


Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations Let me back up and tell you what these “Pinterest Parties” are and how they came to be!

2Brothers Reclaimed and Repurposed Inventory Sales is a family owned business in Menifee. I shop there for all my reclaimed project material and recently started carrying Websters, Daddy Van’s and Scrubby Soap there. Chris and Steve grew up junkin’ and salvaging with the family, so it’s in their blood! Their warehouse is full of architectural salvage, unique finds and offers a showroom for their custom built furniture as well. My mind races every time I walk in! I see project potential on top of project potential!

One day, while discussing the possibility of holding one of my paint workshops there, a light bulb went off! What if, instead of teaching a furniture painting class, we brought folks in and taught them how to create new pieces using the reclaimed material from the shop? We could share both our passions! Chris and Steve could teach a build and I could teach a paint technique! Angels sang! You see, I know it’s hard for some to see the potential in a stack of barnwood or a row of door knobs, but if you show them the possibilities, the creative juices begin to flow and before you know it, they’re picking up roadside junk and making it fabulous!

So, we took to Pinterest for inspiration! Why? Because, we knew we had the resources on hand to show our participants how to recreate the projects they’d already fallen in love with! So many people pin and share projects but never get around to trying them. We specifically searched out reclaimed wood projects and instantly fell in love with this frame from It’s Overflowing.


Aimee created it using the reclaimed wood from this planter she found on the side of the road!


We can’t all be so lucky to find an authentically aged piece for the taking, so we decided to recreate the frame using barnwood! It was fun to hear the history of the wood. Some came from old barns, and some was salvaged from the recent tornado that devastated the area. We couldn’t be happier to see this wood be loved on and given new life!

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

We decided to make larger frames that would allow room for a framed photo or canvas.

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

We used Websters and a few of my favorite shades of paint to create a beautiful, layered finish. The raw textures of the reclaimed wood were great to teach this technique on.

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

We distressed and used Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax to give a little added dimension. A few of the ladies played around with the Shimmer Waxes which will be hitting the market soon! It was nice to hear others ooh and aww over it…I’ve been so in love!

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

The ladies gathered keys, door knobs, faucet knobs and other cool pieces from the shop to embellish their frames. I love how the individual personalities always shine when a class completes the same project!

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations

Pinterest Party by A to Z Custom Creations


Oh! Mark your calendar for the big swap meet at 2Brothers too! It’s part of the Bargains Galore on 64 Event, August 7th, 8th, and 9th. Shannon and I junked our way to Chicago in preparation for the sale and found sooo much goodness! You won’t wanna miss it!


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  1. Shannon says:

    Love it!! So much fun.

  2. Absolutely love it!! Your passion and JOY absolutely SHINE!!

    • Awww…thank you Lori! I’m so happy to be able to share it! You already know that feeling though because you do it too! Lots of love <3

  3. Hope Williams says:

    These pics are telling us what a blast everyone had! I wish I lived closer to be able to enjoy them too! I look forward to seeing all the fun from the next one. Any chance of maybe getting a “kit” type thing going for those far away?
    Just thinking out loud.
    Enjoy everyone!

  4. Angela you make me wish I lived in Ark! right? you do live in Arkansas don’t you!! Anyway I love the frames you made – I’m stealing that idea for my next workshop cause this girl has done of wood!

    • Yes, Lee! I’m in The Natural State! You would have added more fun to the party, I’m sure, but we can still applaud you! Have fun with it and share your finished piece with us! We <3 to see those!

  5. Prisilla Penn says:

    We had the best time ever. I can’t wait til the next class it was great getting to meet all the ladies in the class, and to see all of the different personalities show through on their projects…loved it!!

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