reFreshed $5 Chandelier

Giving your home a fresh look doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on new items. Simple, inexpensive updates can make a big difference and can be a lot of fun! When we found our “fixer upper” home 7 years ago, we fell in love with the 5 wooded acres but the house was in desperate need of updating! Most of the appliances and fixtures were original to the house which was built in the 80’s. We had a tiny budget and chose to use it to paint over the hunter green walls and replace the yucky carpet. As much as I’d like to have everything done overnight, time, money and manpower stand in the way! So, little by little, we update as we can and I’m pretty ok with that!

Although every single fixture in the house screamed ugly, they worked, so they weren’t high on the priority list to be replaced. We all know light fixtures are crazy expensive! Because our floor plan is open, I did insist on replacing the shiny brass fixture in the dining room because my eyes could not get around it! Out of desperation, didn’t do much searching and I replaced it with a cheap {still expensive} chandelier shortly after moving in. I never really liked it but it was better than what was there! So last summer, I stumbled across two chandeliers sitting alone at a yard sale with no price.  Yea, they were green with gold splattered paint  but I could see past that! I sweat it out {literally, it was a million degrees outside} for ten minutes until the cash takers son arrived to give me a price. Longest wait ever but it was worth it though when the magic $10 price was given! That was for BOTH!

Refreshed chandeliers

So, they’ve sat in the shop for months, on the back burner to so many other projects. I finally made time over Spring Break and gave them a fresh coat of liquid love, aka known as  Rustoleum’s Heirloom White. They were instantly transformed but I thought they needed a little personality I broke out the scrap book paper!

Scrap book paper chandelier

Now, I have no idea what these little light thingy’s are called but they cover the deal that holds the bulb. Make sense? I decided to cover those thingy’s in different patterns from my favorite collection of paper.

I started out by measuring and cutting my first pattern.

scrapbook chandelier update

I then used that cut out as a guide for the others.

scrapbook chandelier

Once I got all my patterns cut out, I rolled the paper around the tube and used hot glue to secure the paper. Because I didn’t glue the paper to the metal, it will slide off easily if I want to change it up. This was a fun one for my tot too!

scrapbook paper chandelier

Big difference, huh?

refreshed chandelier

I covered all 6 thingy’s in different paper. I didn’t want in your face different so I stayed within the same color scheme. I chose birds, pretty fonts, geometrical patterns and even a cowboy! Excuse the photos! I haven’t quite figured out how to take pictures of light bulbs yet! I hope you get an idea of how it looks!

restyled chandelier

refreshed chandelier

refreshed chandelier

refreshed chandelier

refreshed chandelier

Fun, whimsical and almost  FREE! My kind of updating!

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  1. charlotte says:

    THANK YOU! After reading this you have one of those “smack to the forehead” why didn’t I think of that moment! LOVE! Your work, next time Im in Arkansas I hope to some of your things first hand.

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