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Hey! How about a cool door project? As if there aren’t a million and two different DIY tutorials out there on re-purposing doors! This one isn’t just pretty, it’s functional! Let me just say up front, I am not proud of some of these pics! My home is always a work in progress and I rarely take pictures! Even more rarely do I share them! We live here- so toys, laundry, half naked kids and animals are always gonna be around! Nothing is picture perfect!

This pic never dreamed it would be featured in a blog post! I actually sent to my daughter this summer to remind her of all the fun she was missing on laundry day! Hands up if you loathe doing laundry as much as me! Anyway, the door to the left is our focus. That gorgeous blue beauty has been the object of my door affection for a few years and has lived in several rooms in my house. Quirky? Maybe so, but I like what I like!

door with miror

We recently purchased a new  sofa which gave me a reason to do few quick updates. As if I need a reason! One of those updates was the addition of this gorgeous antique mirror. It’s been waiting patiently to be hung since last year’s Bargain Galore on 64! Shame on me!


With that addition, I felt like I needed to lose the mirror on the door. Since lighting is so important and this side of my living room was lacking,  I decided to make the door itself a lighting feature! I already had all the supplies on hand.

antique lamp shade frame

antique ceiling fixture

Wiring kit

shelf bracket


eye bolts

zip ties

oh, and the door!

DOOR LIGHT TUTORIALThe existing wiring was really old! I yanked that out immediately!Door Light Tutorial

Wiring kits are cheap {less than $10 depending on the length of wire} and super easy to change! Start at the top and thread your wire through anything above the socket. The plug will prevent you from doing so after you wire it!



Once that is done, you simply wire the positive and negative wires into the light socket.

door tutorialBefore mounting your light, plug it in and make sure it’s wired correctly. Trust me, it’s worth a few extra seconds!

Once the bulb lit up, I just centered my {amazing, rusty} bracket to the door. To prevent the light from slipping, I got real fancy!

Photo Apr 08, 2 29 46 PM copy


Photo Apr 08, 2 42 07 PM copy


Photo Apr 08, 2 44 15 PM copyI used a few eye hooks on the back of the door to route my wire. The first one is at the top, right behind the shelf bracket. I did this to keep the wire in line with the bracket. Loop zip ties through the eye hooks then feed your plug through those. Once pulled, the zip ties will keep the cord nice and tight!

I had to share the in process pic…this is what my family deals with with mom decides to change things up a little! Again, I’m not proud!

in process

 So here she is, in all her re-purposed splendor! I love the door more now than ever!

door tutorial closeup

door with lamp

door with lamp

I love it lit and unlit!! Now I get to focus on redecorating this room! I’ve been waiting for the couch purchase before getting a new rug. That’s always fun!

Photo Apr 08, 3 05 26 PM copy



Photo Apr 27, 4 42 02 PM copy

 I gotta say, I would like to try another bulb, one that puts off less light, but as long as this one burns, the chances are slim! I love the shadows it casts on the room and the ambiance it brings! So, whatcha think? Worth a spot in re-purposed door land?



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  1. You are just to smart for your britches young lady!!! Lovin this!

  2. Marisa Hulin says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Beautiful, just like everything you do! Thanks for sharing with us. :O)

  4. I knew you would make it AMAZING..thank you for sharing your thought process through it too, the lighting and space gives the viewer an invitation to stay a while..and I love that! Such ambiance!

  5. I love your work. I am obsessed with furniture re-do. I am so inspired by your beautiful furniture. I live in California. I am just starting my business. I love decorating and making old into new. Any great advice would be appreciated.

    • Thank you so much Felicia! Congrats on starting a business! It’s a very rewarding experience. I guess the best advice I could possibly give you is to always be fair, don’t compare yourself to others and provide your clients with the kind of service you would like to have! That kind of focus will not just bless them, it will be bless you!! All the best! Angela

  6. I believe you should change your angel wings, just trade sides so it looks like the angel wings are hugging the window. Just my opinion.

    • Yes, Jan, they do look good that way too! I mounted the wings so I could change them up! I love them all kinds of ways, including upside down :) I tend to change things up a lot!

  7. Lynda Swinney says:

    I really love your ideas. The door with the light looks great! I would try it with an Edison bulb for a real vintage look. Plus they glow yellow so it wouldn’t be quite as bright.

    • Thank you Lynda! I found a great bulb at Home Depot! It puts out the perfect amount of light and it’s supposed to last 10 years :) We shall see! I love Edison bulbs too!


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