Repurposed Organizing Solutions

It’s January, National Get Organized Month! That used to be a really busy time of year for me as motivated people sought out help to get their homes and offices in order for the new year. Now, it’s just a swift kick in my rear to get it together!!

I felt the kick this week and thought I’d share a few of my favorite organizing solutions with you! They are all from repurposed items and since our hidden storage is maxed out, most are in sight solutions.  A lack of viable storage doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at organizing! Successful organizing is really all about creating habits. I’ve found it’s best to work around what you already do. For instance, if you are already used to taking your jewelry off in the bathroom, create a home for your jewelry there. It doesn’t have to a permanent home, just a vacation pad! My main home for my jewelry is in my closet, where I get dressed and undressed most often. However, without my “vacation” home in the bathroom, which is a chicken wire frame on the wall, my jewelry would likely pile up on the vanity top. Lazy? Yea, maybe. It only takes 10 steps out of the bathroom and I’m into my closet, but I’ve piled it up time and time again!

We all know changing a habit is hard and establishing a better one is even harder. If you are serious about getting organized and staying organized, make it easy on yourself and work around what you are already doing! Start by decluttering your house {small projects at a time}, creating homes for your junk {meant with the utmost respect} as you go and try to follow a touch it once rule. As soon as an item leaves your hand, it should be on it’s way to it’s home! It’s really the only organizing rule we live by around here.  We are not the label making, perfectly folded linen closet, kind of family. Actually, I am that person. They are not. No matter how sweet I talk, I just can’t make them think like me! It doesn’t matter how cool I make the labels, they don’t read them! That means, in order to have it my way, I’d have to bare the responsibility of the whole house and “ain’t no body got time for that”!  Organized chaos works just fine for me! As I type this, there is a mountain of Play-Doh on the coffee table and the mirrored tray next to it is harboring an assortment of goodies it shouldn’t be. A pair of headphones, a check book, a hat {that’s mine}, a handful of toy cars and I’m pretty sure I see a cookie…all these things are out of place BUT I know where they reside! Even more importantly, the other little bodies in this house do too which will make their 10 second tidy just that!

Enjoy our organized chaos!

Repurposed Organizing Solutions

Baskets are great for in sight storage of throws.

Organizing Toys

I love to use rustic crates for toys. They are sturdy and so cool to look at!

Repurposed Organizing Solutions

Sewing Machine Drawers are so multipurpose! They look great out in the open with books or craft supplies stored in them but they are also sized perfectly for containing items in a larger drawer or under cabinets.

Organizing a Drawer

See! Perfect for office supplies!

Repurposed Organizing Solutions

And great for tight squeezes!

rePurposed Barn Gate

I love to use old Snuff jars for in sight bathroom storage!

Organizing Bathroom Toiletries

Candy dishes aren’t just for candy! These keep my cotton balls and q-tips handy!

Jewelry Holder from Window Frame and Shutter

Shutters and window frames are great for hanging jewelry!

Jewelry Holder from Window Frame

And perfect for bracelets that open…like my new favorite Vintage Boho Glam ones hanging there!!

You can get yourself one here!


Repurposed Bracelet Holder

The Scales of Justice was missing it’s scales so I painted it and used it for my bracelets :)

Repurposed Lampshade Jewelry Organizer by A to Z Custom Creations

When you run out of surface and wall area, you can always go up! A hanging lamp shade is perfect for earrings and other accessories!



Getting organized doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either! You may already have some of these items around the house or tucked away in the attic. If not, most are easy to find at your local thrift store or flea market. Don’t have time to hunt? My friends at 2Brothers Reclaimed & Repurposed Inventory Sales have a store full of junk, just waiting for you to repurpose. I try to think outside the “box” store and shop local when I can!

I’ve been pinning some of my favorite organizing tips from my Hometalk friends! You can find them all here! You can also follow along with me on Hometalk by clicking that little Hometalk button to the right, in my sidebar. See y’all there!


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  1. Wonderful ideas, Angela! You are so inspiring! :-)

  2. Love the sewing machine drawers. Where do you find them?
    I am not familiar with these. Thanks!

    • Thanks Hilary! These nifty little drawers came out of an old sewing machine base. They are getting harder to come by but we have a pair of pickin’ brothers in a neighboring town who have them on hand all the time. If you are local, you can find them in Menifee at 2 Brothers Reclaimed and Repurposed Inventory Sales :) All the best!

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