Spring Break Projects {take two}

Ready for another easy DIY project? You should know up front, I am cheap and I change things up a lot, so my decor is almost always hand crafted, re-purposed or second hand. Not only can this kind of decorating save you money, it also makes for a unique, personalized home. Because I don’t spend a fortune on accessories, I don’t get too attached and feel free to switch things up more often. There are a only a handful of items in my home I can’t imagine parting with…

My Rusty Scales

{There are more around the house but this is my favorite one!}

Chippy Roto Scale

My rePurposed Cast Iron Light Fixture

repurposed ceiling light

My Chippy, Heart Shaped Pulley

chippy heart shaped pulley

Last but not least, my Ball Jar Collection!

Ball Jar Collection

I really don’t mind replacing everything else!

One of the things I make and replace often are floral arrangements. While I’d love to have fresh arrangements in every room, I stink at keeping plants alive so, I settle for faux! I go for stems and petals that look realistic then add them to simulated water. There are many brands of simulated water out there but I prefer Craft Water. It doesn’t require mixing, doesn’t yellow over time, and you can reuse it! You can pick it up at most local craft stores for less than $10 and can make several arrangements from just one bottle.

Craft Water

My kitchen window sill has been begging for something fresh so I picked up a few artificial succulents at Hobby Lobby last week. Not only were they perfect in size, they were 50% off! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own…

succulent project


Floral Stems

Jars or Vases

Small Pebbles

Craft Water

You can use the vessel of your choice but a skinny neck makes the pouring of simulated water difficult. I already had these cute little apothecary jars and the stems were perfect in length for them. If you need to cut stems, wire cutters work best. If you don’t have wire cutters, use scissors to cut through the stem then bend the wire back and forth until it breaks. You can pick up pebbles in a variety of colors in any craft section for a few bucks. I picked mine up from my rock garden! Did I mention I am cheap? If you go that route, wash the pebbles and dry them completely. Add the dry pebbles to the bottom of the jar and line the jars up for quick pouring in the next step. Tear small strips of tape and have them accessible for quick securing of the stems once you place them.

{Please note: My three year old loves to help momma! He was a bit excited and got a step ahead of me here. You don’t want to place the stems just yet (: }

succulent project

 Follow the instructions for the simulated water you choose. Some require mixing before heating. With Craft Water, you just heat and pour. You can do this in the microwave but I prefer the stove top method. You just place the bottle into a pot of boiling water until the simulated water is runny. I’m sure the actual instructions don’t say runny, but you get the point! You can add as much water as you’d like. I chose to just cover the pebbles by an inch or so. Pour the water in slowly so it gets into all the crevices. Don’t stress if you splash a little fake water during stem placement or some gets on the side while pouring. You can remove it with a cotton swab once the water has cured.

Succulent Project

Once you’ve poured the desired amount of water, keep the jar level and gently wiggle and twist the stem until it’s secure in the pebbles. While holding the stem in place, use your strips of tape to secure it. Some of my stems looked natural resting against the jar so the tape wasn’t required for all three.

succulent project

That’s it! Curing times vary by brand so follow the instruction provided. Remove the tape after the specified amount of time and enjoy your Succulents! Mine have a new home on my kitchen window sill for now but I am sure they will make their rounds! I love how the light reflects off the water!

succulent project

succulent project

Real enough for me!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you a cheap way to freshen up a chandelier and I’ll be sharing my re-purposed dining table!

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