Spring Break Projects

Ahh. Spring Break! While most people were sharing pics of sunset skies and sand covered toes, I was knee deep in snot and hot glue! The blooming trees are nice to look at but the noses around are begging for relief! Between allergies and the weather {sleet and snow two days after 60 degree sunshine} we spent a lot of time in the house. With the help of the kiddos, I managed to cross off several craft and decorating projects!

I tried REALLY hard to take pics along the way but I really stink at it! It’s very difficult to show something with one hand and snap a pic with the other! My 11 year old offered to take pics for me but he couldn’t get the shot without capturing the pile of laundry just 5 feet away from the project! That takes skill! So, over the next few days, I am going to share what I did manage to document, including my re-purposed dining room table!

First up, a very simple, inexpensive project! I’ve been looking for something tall and colorful for the boys bathroom. I really wanted a topiary but haven’t been able to find one over 18″ that did’t cost a million dollars! Their bathroom is on the list for a remodel so I didn’t want to spend a lot. A touch of fresh always help though!

I started out with the following:

Homemade Topiary

5/8 inch dowel rod

artificial boxwood balls

stain for dowel rod

hot glue gun

floral foam



After staining the dowel, mark and cut the floral foam to fit your container.

marking floral foam

Next, center the dowel and insert it until it reaches the bottom of the container. You wanna be careful to keep it straight as you are pressing down. If it is a little off, you can straighten it and add a bit of hot glue around the base to keep it stable.

IMG_2465 copy

The boxwood balls are on a plastic grid so they slide on very easily! Just center the dowel and slide them on. I just eyeballed the placement of mine.

IMG_2466 copy

Once you get them where you want them, you can attach them with wire.

IMG_2468 copy

All that’s left to do at this point is cover your foam! NOTE: Once I opened the moss pictured above, I realized how horrible it looked! Because I live in the middle of nowhere and a quick drive to town is not an option, I took to the woods to pick my own…just one of the joys of having a tree shaded property!

moss covered ground

picked moss

I shook off the extra dirt and proceeded as if I were using store bought moss!

IMG_2473 copy

Work your way around, gluing the moss to the foam. It looks more natural if you layer it a bit.

IMG_2475 copy

I love the finished project! It’s the perfect size for the boy’s bathroom vanity and only cost me $12!!!

IMG_2485 copy

The next project was super easy too and made a huge impact on the room! I didn’t take pics along the way but there really isn’t much to it! I bought this framed print at an estate sale for $20. I liked the print but I really bought it for the frame. I’ve been on the hunt for one this size FOREVER!!

before-chalkboard copy

Now, in addition to being a chalkboard lover, I love handwritten notes! I like to get them and I love to leave them! We have chalkboards and dry erase boards all around the house and they are frequently used! Some notes are silly and just for fun. Others are left as reminders, like “Wash, Brush and Flush” in the boys bathroom. I also like to leave little bits of encouragement and scripture. What is set before our eyes really does make an impact!

I’ve been wanting to go big and make an “In This House” piece. This huge frame gave me lots of room to say what  I wanted to say! I started out by painting a piece of pine craft board with Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and Benjamin Moore’s Black. After the board cured for a day, I primed it by rubbing chalk all over, erasing and repeating a few times. I then removed the print and replaced it with the chalkboard. I love the gold frame so I left it alone.

IMG_2582 copy

 Everybody came up with something “We Do”. I decided to leave out some of the suggestions that were given, like chores, cleaning, working, and yelling…nobody needs to know that kind of stuff, right?

I shopped around the house and changed things up a bit on this side of the room too. My heart beats fast every time I walk by it!

IMG_2494 copy

Did you find time refresh something or be creative this week? I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. It blows my mind how easy this looks! I really loved how you pulled the moss from your front yard to finish it too! It turned out beautiful! B

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