Hidden Wounds- When Painted Furniture Bleeds Through

Hidden Wounds-When Painted Furniture Bleeds

If you’ve followed me for long or read my ebook, you know that for me, furniture painting is so much more than furniture painting! My satisfaction comes in the story that each piece holds. It comes from being able to tell that story! He came to me like this: Not so bad from a distance […]

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Custom Painted Kitchen Island

Custom Painted Kitchen Island  by A to Z Custom Creations

Hey friends! I’ve been trying all week to set aside some time for this post. This kitchen island is like … whoa! Show stopping, jaw dropping GORGEOUS! It was jealous of all the love given to the cabinets and was crying out for “The Finishing Touch”! Now, if you’ve followed me for long, you know […]

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Resuscitating Furniture- A Dresser Makeover

Furniture Resuscitation- A Dresser Makeover by A to Z Custom Creations

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not, whatcha waiting for?) you’ve seen me use the hashtag #painttherapy often. It’s fitting for me because my work really is therapy. Not only am I providing it to the furniture, I receive it! The last two weeks have brought some serious patients into the shop. Today I’m […]

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When Furniture Speaks, I Listen! Ombre Buffet

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

I found this buffet on one of those online yard sale sites over a year ago. It was love at first sight! I knew the high price and large size made the investment a risk but I had to have it! We loaded up the kiddos and made the drive to pick it up. I’m […]

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{Perfect Union}

IMG_2567 copy

Ladies and gentlemen. It’s my honor to introduce the newlyweds! With a host of children present {because that’s just what my kids have to endure on Spring Break} and iheart radio’s All Beatles and Stones station drowning out the cordless screwdriver, Duncan Phyfe and the oh-so-gorgeous Farm Door were united in dining table matrimony! Before I […]

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Footloose and Fancy Free


It’s the start of Spring Break and while I have a shop full of projects, I’m hanging up the brush to hang with the kiddos for the week. The boys have already prepared their home made bow and arrows, cross bows and slingshots so we’re gonna spend a little time in the woods, practicing our […]

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