Tip Talkin’ Tuesday:Post One- Proper Cleaning, Favorite Tools, and Wax Tips


I’m squealing like a school girl over the first ever, Tip Talkin’ Tuesday Post!!! I am always honored when folks ask me questions and really look forward to sharing some advice here! I won’t lie, this serves me well too! It’s like blog discipline! I stink at consistently writing so this will force me to post […]

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Chalkboard Love


I’ll be the first to admit I am totally obsessed with chalkboards! Not only are they super functional, they bring fun character to any room! I have several throughout my house… This one hangs in our hall bathroom and is SUPPOSE to serve as a friendly reminder to my boys! I also have chalkboards I […]

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Little Flings

china cabinet

Confession. Sometimes, I fall so hard for a piece of furniture, I secretly hope it doesn’t sell. I am even guilty of not really trying to promote it…in hopes that it will sit in the shop long enough for me to make room for it it my home. This petite china cabinet was one of […]

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