How to Repair Damaged Veneer

damaged veneer on bed

How many times have you passed on buying a piece of furniture, or worse, thrown away a piece because it had missing or damaged veneer? Maybe you have a damaged piece covered or stored away. I’m here to tell you there is hope for those pieces! Here’s the low down I’ve been promising! Let me […]

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Pink Chiffon Dreams

Chifon Pink Dreams6 (9)

Before I show you the piece that captured my heart this week, let me introduce you to her new owner! Brande is not only an amazing friend of mine, she is a brilliant designer! In addition to curating the most fabulous vintage clothing I’ve ever seen, she dreams  up and hand-crafts exquisite head pieces that […]

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Metallic Cupcake

metallic cupcake chest

If ever a piece of furniture deserved its own blog post, this is the one!! I gotta jump right to the foot, which not only inspired the title of this blog post, it left me longing for a peanut butter cupcake!! Ornate, solid, and full of potential, this chest sat patiently in the shop for […]

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