Back To Life- Refreshing Furniture with Paint and Daddy Van’s Wax

The Finishing Touch by A to Z Custom Creations

There are some pieces that just speak to me! They’re the ones I fall in love with, find the most joy in painting, and provide me with the lasting paint therapy I’m always referring to in my hashtags. This little lady was one of those! She found her way to me in disrepair. She’d obviously […]

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Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Cleaning Out My Inbox!

Let's Talk Brush Care

Shew, my inbox runneth over! I spent some time in the great state of Texas last week, relaxing with a friend and enjoying some time off. It was a nice break but now I’m catching up! I thought I’d devote a little time to answering some questions in today’s post! The first question comes from […]

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Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Post 3- Three ways to use Daddy Van’s

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish

Ok…I don’t know if I should be proud of myself for my consistency or disappointed in my lack of posts between “Tip Talkin’ Tuesday” posts! I’m gonna go with proud for now and try to do better…WHY do I put so much pressure on myself?!? Sorry! Thinking out loud ~over~!  This week’s post is dedicated […]

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Tip Talkin’ Tuesday:Post One- Proper Cleaning, Favorite Tools, and Wax Tips


I’m squealing like a school girl over the first ever, Tip Talkin’ Tuesday Post!!! I am always honored when folks ask me questions and really look forward to sharing some advice here! I won’t lie, this serves me well too! It’s like blog discipline! I stink at consistently writing so this will force me to post […]

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