Saving Water Damaged Furniture, A Bedroom Set Makeover

Rescuing Water Damaged Furniture- A Bedroom Set Makeover by A to Z Custom Creations

A challenge is always invigorating, right? This chic should be bubbling over then! My client texted me after picking up this 4 piece bedroom set from a family estate. She wanted to have it painted and pass it down to her daughter. The problem…they hit a detour on the way to the shop. A mud pit! […]

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Buttered Yam Wardrobe Reveal

Orange Wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations

Hopefully, you’ve been following the progression of this wonderful piece all week! If you haven’t, you can’t always go back and watch part one, two and three of the Veneer Repair Series.  The wardrobe made it’s way to the shop in really bad shape. Top to bottom, it was covered in veneer damage!   Nothing […]

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Veneer Repair Series: Post 3

Veneer Repair Series: Post Three

Here it is, the last video in the series. I’ll post the reFreshed wardrobe tomorrow so, stick around for all the closeup pics! As I mentioned in the video, you can purchase Bondo at your local home improvement store. Here is the Bondo product carried by Home Depot and Lowes:  For those of you who […]

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Veneer Repair Series: Post 2

Repairing Missing or Damaged Veneer- Part 2

Okay, this is where we really get dirty! Please, always wear a respirator when you sand! If you are just now tuning in, you can catch up and view the first video here.  Part 3 and other video tutorials can be found on my “TUTORIALS” page!     Pin It

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Veneer Repair Series: Post One

Video Tutorial Series on Veneer Repair

I’m using Tip Talkin’ Tuesday to start a 3 part video series on veneer repair! I should note, this is not a restoration series! We’ll be using Bondo, which is great for repairing pieces that will be painted but Bondo is not stain-able. This wardrobe will be getting a vibrant dose of orange! Follow me […]

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My First Private Lesson

Side details

Before I show you the finished project from my first private lesson, let me introduce you to my student. Her name is Shannon and if you’ve known me long, you know she is my best buddy and my trusty picking friend! She has spent the last year being my lead woman. She gets all the estate […]

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