The Finishing Touch- Your Guide To Decorative Furniture Finishing

Hand. Over. Mouth. 

I’m so excited to present this baby to y’all! You’ve been there to support me through the long, arduous gestation. You’ve offered words of encouragement and helped me through the painful pushing process. I’m so excited you’re here to meet this new love of mine!

I give you, “The Finishing Touch”!

The Finishing Touch by A to Z Custom Creations


{Make your furniture smile!}

I’ve already passed her around to her doting aunts {my talented blogging sisters}. Here’s what they had to say:

“Angela has created the perfect eBook for painting furniture from beginning to end. You really couldn’t ask for anything more than she provides on all fronts. Her words are inspiring and come from an artist’s perspective. She presents specific directions for “the most awesome finishes”. Her techniques are step by step and beautifully illustrated with videos and commentary. To make your projects easier, she shares plenty of handy tips. I learned a few tricks that I will use in the future. This eBook acts as a very patient tutor and is a work of art in itself. Bravo!” Lori, Thee Velvet Glove

“I have never been good at distressing furniture.  Any time I try it, it looks like someone threw it against a wall instead of loving the paint off it.  Angela explains how to feel your way through painting and distressing furniture in such a way that I was moved by the sentiment.  She not only teaches technique in this book but she teaches you to stop and feel the piece you are working with, learn about it, imagine its journey.  She truly turns furniture painting into an art.  Within the first 3 pages I felt like I knew her and by the end, we were best friends.” Jillian, I am a Homemaker

“Angela has not only covered the basics of creating a wonderful work of art in a recreated piece, but also inspired and encourage me to try different methods to attain the finish I want.  I highly recommend her book and videos to anyone who is considering painting furniture – she makes it so easy to give it a try!” Larissa, Prodigal Pieces

About those videos…



“The Finishing Touch” offers 17 video tutorials to help you bring your piece to life!

“The Finishing Touch” is also part of an exclusive “Creative Community”.

If you want to stay on top of cutting edge finishes and techniques , I invite you to join today!

Thanks for sharing in my joy! Big Smooches!

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