Happy Apple/Sad Apple- Experimenting With The Power Of Your Thoughts & Words

Hey friends! I’m sharing a post today that makes my inner science geek quake! It has nothing to do with chemically producing a patina or anything like that. It’s all about the power of your mind! Even better, right?

Let me back up to February when a sweet friend shared a book that challenged me to look at how my thoughts were creating my reality. It took me back to my days in the garden with my grandma when she shared her secret for beautiful flowers. I remember thinking she was off her rocker when she told me she talked sweetly to her plants and that’s what made them beautiful. Oh, how I wish my mind could have been open to that teaching then!

After annoying everyone I came into contact with over the past few months with my “think positive” speech, I happened upon a post that would help me SHOW them what I was preaching! The experiment by Danielle LaPorte used an apple to show how words can heal or hurt. She based it on the published studies of Dr. Masaru Emoto.  If you haven’t researched his experiments along these lines, I’d encourage you to do so!

So, I gathered my fam together, told them the plan and we set the scene together. We cut an apple into fourths {because I couldn’t fit half into my mason jars} and placed two of them in identical jars. We taped a happy face to the top of one and a sad face to the top of the other.

Happy Apple/Sad Apple Experiment- The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words We placed them a foot apart on the buffet in our back entry and agreed to talk nice to the happy apple and ugly to the sad one. My middle boys, age 11 and 13, were total skeptics and didn’t want to talk to an apple {kinda like I didn’t wanna talk to grandma’s roses} but they did agree to think the thoughts. My 5 year old couldn’t wait to get started and my oldest {20} was already a believer but was equally as excited to see the results.

We carried out the experiment for 10 days. My five year old was the only one to speak out loud and it was hilarious! He spoke words of love to the happy apple…”you’re pretty and nice and I love you”, and talked downright ugly to the sad one…”you’re stupid and ugly! You’re a loser and I hate you”! My middle boys wanted to have me committed as they listened to my words!

To the happy apple I spoke in love…

“You are living. You are thriving. You are beautiful. Your flesh is untouched and you still look delicious and nourishing”. Even when spots began to appear and fuzz formed on the stem, I spoke love…that isn’t decay, those are marks of beauty! That isn’t mold I said-that is GROWTH! You are LIVING!

To the sad apple I chose to speak FEAR!

After all, fear is a mind killer, right? Every day I told the sad apple it was dying, rotting, decaying. “You’ll never be anything more than a disgusting apple. Nobody wants to look at you, let alone eat you. You’ll never provide nourishment or growth. You have no use, no purpose. That mold is part of you and it will soon overtake you. You are DYING”!

I gotta tell you, speaking that negativity not only made me feel different, it made me look different! My five year old pointed it out to me as I was spewing filth…”You look mean, mom”! I quickly corrected my shriveled up face…no need to add aging during this experiment!

Ten days later, the proof was in the apple!

Happy Apple/Sad Apple Experiment- The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words

Not only was there a significant difference in the color, texture and size, the smell as we opened the jars was night and day! The happy apple still possessed a sweet aroma. The sad one smelled absolutely revolting!

Happy Apple/Sad Apple Experiment- The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words

Happy Apple/Sad Apple Experiment- The Power Of Your Thoughts And Words

Mind blown?

I can tell you, it made my boys believers! As we looked at the rotten apple, I told them to imagine their own bodies. I wanted them to picture how their negative thoughts affect their body and the body of people around them! I wanted them to see how powerful their intention is!

How are you using your words? I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating…

Words Are Powerful, A to Z Custom Creations, graphics by Thee Velvet Glove

Not spitting hateful words? Your thoughts are just as powerful! What are you thinking of yourself?
Words Are Powerful, A to Z Custom Creations, graphics by Thee Velvet GloveI hope this will encourage you to think and speak love and positive affirmations, always!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some roses who could use some sweet talkin’. Smooches!

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  1. Every single word…..has POWER! This is incredible you did this, I have seen this with plants but never with fruit! That is amazing! I want everyone to try this! Sharing!!

  2. Dennise Dekle says:

    Thank you Angela for taking the time to invite us into your “inside”. Love your heart and the experiment. !

  3. Beautifully said! Thank you for encouragement and making the world a better place.c

  4. I know this isn’t one of your newest posts! But I LOVE it!! This is the coolest experiment. I wish I had found this idea in time for my son’s science fair project. This is awesome!!

    • Hey! I love it when oldies but goodies are found :) I know the science fair is over but it’s still a cool project to do at home! It really made my kiddos think! Lots of love!

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