Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Answering Your Questions About Daddy Van’s Dark Wax

I had a few questions after this week’s video featuring Daddy Van’s new Decorative Wax. Did you see the video? I’ll include it here just in case…

So, the questions I had after the video were these:

Q- Can Daddy Van’s All Natural Decorative Wax be used over furniture that has already been painted and sealed or would you have to repaint it with chalk style paint?

A- Yes! You can use Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax over previously painted furniture. I used the Antique Brown over my dresser which was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and sealed with Annie Sloan Wax about three years ago. I did not do anything to prep for the application of Daddy Van’s. It should be noted however, Daddy Van’s is all natural and contains no chemical drying agents so if you are applying it over a piece that was painted and sealed with something other than wax, the cure time will be greater. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

Q- Do you need to apply clear wax first?

A- You do not have to apply clear wax first. Without the solvents, Daddy Van’s will remain workable for a longer amount of time, allowing you to remove excess wax and blend to your liking. That said, dark wax will alter the color of your piece slightly, especially lighter colors. If that’s not what you are going for, you can add a layer of clear wax first then go light with the dark as a second coat {like the brush technique in the video}. Clear wax can always be used to remove the dark wax if the color of your piece has been changed too much.

Q- Is the dark wax tinted with stain?

A- No. Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax is tinted with all natural earth pigments. We spent months blending the highest quality pigments to perfect our shades and we are proud of the completely green product we arrived at. Just like the original All Natural Daddy Van’s Furniture Polish™, the decorative line is completely non-toxic, petroleum and byproduct free. We still package in recycled tins too!

It’s been a while so I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of my favorite projects completed with Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax in the past months.

DIY RePurposed Memorial Day Decor and Tablescape

A to Z Custom Creations- repurposed sewing machine drawer- details

Daddy Van's Onyx Wax

Yellow Chest painted by A to Z Custom Creations


Daddy Van’s will also be launching a line of Shimmer Waxes later this month so stay tuned! They are dreamy!!!!

Daddy Van's Shimmer Wax

 I’m telling you, I’m totally in love with this stuff!!


Daddy Van's Shimmer Wax


Have more questions? Shoot them to me! I’m always happy to help! Need to get some Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax for yourself? Click here!


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  1. I really enjoyed this tutorial and can’t wait to get my hands on Daddy Van’s waxes especially the Shadow Black! I just finished waxing a dresser I had painted a blue/green chalk paint and for black wax I mixed black chalk paint and clear wax…would have much rather had the Daddy Van’s! Thanks!

  2. Hi
    Just discovered your work and blog. I live in Australia and was Googling Webster Paint I was actually researching Annie Sloan which is hard to buy here, so I found a lady who uses Annie Sloan and stocks Webster chalk paint but still no images or info on the results of Webster. So after a few more searches I found your detailed blog, thank you for sharing, I do intend on becoming a member as its only fair. I am interested in Daddy Van as I loved the blue table you posted. Can you give details of cost to Australia please.



  1. […] To highlight all the sweet little cracks  I worked dark wax in with a large wax brush. I’ll be sharing more with you about this lovely wax later in the week! You won’t want to miss it! (UPDATE: More about the wax here) […]

  2. […] I distressed it with a sanding sponge to reveal some of the chippy goodness underneath and waxed with Daddy Van’s {ALL NATURAL} Dark Antiquing Wax. […]

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