Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Applying Dark Wax

You’ve all seen how dark wax can be used to accent furniture and really give it an aged look. Dark wax is very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. I can be used in recessed areas and crevices too add dimension or waxed over an entire piece for a time worn “antiqued” look. It’s one of the most commonly asked for “how to’s” by you guys so I put together a quick video! Be sure you come back for a few follow up tips after the video…they’ll make more sense then!


First of all…that “bagged” brush I used in the video- it had a little leftover clear wax on it from a previous project. Natural waxes don’t have chemicals or drying agents in them so they won’t gunk up on the brush! I often bag a brush in a ziplock bag for a week or two before giving it a bath.  The lack of a drying agent, or solvent also means you can cover more area without worry the wax will harden up and be difficult to remove or saturate into your paint too much.  As you can see in the fast forward frames, I waxed the whole piece at one time.  If you are using a solvent based wax, you will likely need to work in smaller sections, about the size I started out with before hitting super sonic speeds. Also, if your dark wax is solvent based, make sure your clear “eraser” wax is solvent based as well.

Waxing larger areas with a natural wax are just as easy! I use a brush, spread it on and wipe it off. I let it sit for a bit before buffing and usually apply another coat of clear wax over that for added protection.

I love the added dimension the Onyx Wax brings! See how it sinks into all the brush strokes and crevices?

Daddy Van's Onyx Wax

Daddy Van's Onyx Wax

Daddy Van's Onyx Wax

I can’t wait for you guys to try this stuff! I’d love to see your Dark Wax endeavors! Email your pics to angela@atozcustomcreations.net! Happy Waxing!



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  1. I love your videos, Angela! With many detailed pieces around my home, I would love to paint them all and wax them with the dark wax. My husband isn’t on board with it, but I’m staring upstairs soon. He won’t care about the guest room. ;-) Your projects are awesome! :-)
    New Year blessings,

    • Well, thank you Kim! Such a sweet comment! I’m pretty sure there is a built in thing with men…the words paint and wood just don’t go together well. The guest room is the perfect place to start, really show off your skills and convince him the other rooms are jealous! All the best with your upcoming projects! I’d love to see what you create :)

  2. Angela, I love your dark wax project and think I too, will be fearless with dark wax on a mirror frame I have upstairs. Meanwhile, I must say that your southern accent is charming to listen to! I am looking forward to the next video! Thanks,

    • Oh, Coleen! I’m so happy to hear the video inspired you to try dark wax! I’d just love it if you share your completed project with me! I’m glad you found my accent charming too! I didn’t realize I sounded southern until business took me Minnesota once. I was like a talking sideshow! Made things interesting for sure! ;) Happy New Year to you!

  3. Tammy Cockrum says:

    Can’t wait to try Daddy Van’s dark wax!

  4. Thanks so much, Angela. I love the idea of trying this first on a small piece before working it into something larger. Your frame turned out beautifully. I feel much more confident to use dark wax thanks to you.

  5. Natalie says:

    Awesome! I can’t find Daddy Van’s Dark wax, even on their site? Have you tried their reg wax in combination with other dark wax brands?

    • Hi Natalie! Sorry for the delayed response! Your message went to spam for some reason! Yes, I’ve used it with other dark waxes but we are so excited to say we will have a dark wax out very soon! If you will email me I’ll get some wax to ya! angela@atocustomcreations.net Thanks!

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