Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Brush Care with Scrubby Soap

It’s true. If you talk to me for more than ten minutes, chances are, you’ll hear me use the word “love”. I can’t help it! I am a lover ;)

I’m really a product junkie who will try anything once and I usually find something to like about whatever I try. Every once in a while though, a product makes its way to me and sweeps me off my feet! It takes a magical product to do such a thing but when it happens there’s no containing my excitement. I’ve actually told random strangers about Scrubby this week! They weren’t even painters! One was an avid fisherman and the other was a mechanic! Yep…Scrubby works well for eliminating smells and cutting grease too!

Now, I’ve talked to you about the importance of proper brush care, and I’m sure you’ve heard me complain about cleaning day before, but Scrubby Soap has seriously changed all that for me! I’m actually looking forward to cleaning my brushes now! Can you believe that? Take a look at these before and after shots!

Brushes Cleaned with Scrubby Soap by A to Z Custom Creations-Before


I thought for sure I’d lose a few of these due to the dried up latex/Websters mixture!

Brushes Cleaned with Scrubby Soap by A to Z Custom Creations-Close up

Brushes Cleaned with Scrubby Soap by A to Z Custom Creations

I shot a quick video all about my new love because I thought you needed to see it in action! See for yourself why my heart beats fast for this all natural goodness!


Until I get the goods in my hands, you can order yours HERE!


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