Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Cleaning Out My Inbox!

Shew, my inbox runneth over! I spent some time in the great state of Texas last week, relaxing with a friend and enjoying some time off. It was a nice break but now I’m catching up! I thought I’d devote a little time to answering some questions in today’s post!

The first question comes from Penny:

Hi Angela.

Is it ok to put water based poly over the Fiddes and Sons dark or clear wax?

The answer is no! The poly will not adhere properly and will separate over time. You can apply wax over poly. Let’s say you want extra durability but want to add some aging with dark wax. You can use Polycrylic to seal your paint then accent with the dark wax. Just remember, wax should always be the LAST step! Thanks for your question Penny! I can’t wait to see your project!

The second question comes from Shanalesa:

Hello Angela,

I love your work and was hoping you could share some insight on the brushes you use and how you care for them! Thanks so much!

Thank you Shanalesa! I actually use several brands and several different varieties. Each bristle performs differently! My advice would be to invest in at least one quality brush from each category! I also keep small artist brushes around for detail work and have a bin of disposable chip brushes too!

I like the Chinex Bristle for painting my Websters mixture The bristles are designed for heavy bodied paint. They are not super absorbent so they pick up your paint and distribute it without a lot of waste. I love the chinex bristles for their easy cleanup too!

wooster brush

This is one of my new favorites! It’s from Shabby Paints! The bristles are synthetic {like the chinex} and clean like a dream too!


I like the China Bristle for clear coats. The soft, natural bristles hold on to the clear coat and distribute it evenly with no brush stokes.

CORONA China Bristle

I like these natural bristle brushes for waxing. There is actually a smaller version too,  which is perfect for accenting with dark wax as seen in the latest video.

Wax Brushes

And here’s the lowdown on how I care for them!

Brush Care Tips


Lastly, this tip has nothing to do with painting! 

Marge said:

Dear Angela,

I have been following you for quite some time and I am in awe of all you do. I have four kids at home too and I just have no idea how you do it. I want to turn my hobby into a business and just wondered if you could share a few tips? How do you manage to get it all done? 

I had to include this email because things are not always what they appear to be! There are days I don’t get it all done! My laundry piles up! My kids have cereal for dinner, they are searching for clothes to wear {because they forgot to put them in the laundry room…accountability!}, and the school is calling about lunch money. Ooopsie.

For the most part, it works because I have a great support system, Marge! My husband helps out a lot! My kids pull their weight too! We operate as a team around here and most of the time it is all going down in organized chaos! I will share a few things I absolutely rely on though:

1. My Calendar: If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist! I record everything and set an alarm to remind me the day before the event and an hour before.

2. Sam’s Club Pick and Pull: All Sam’s Club Members can use this free internet service! Sam’s pull your order {groceries included} and has it waiting for you to pick up. You can create a list {I have several} and shop from those or pull randomly. I place an order in the morning and my hubby picks it up on the way home. This saves me hours a month and countless dollars…I spend sooo much more if my feet enter the store!

3. Online Groups: Other painters, bloggers,  and moms, who are doing what I do every day. They know the struggles and are there to provide encouragement and support. Find like minded, drama free gals to share the journey with!

4. A Pass: I give myself a pass! I know I am not superwoman so I don’t beat myself up if my to-do list has carry overs! It all works out and for the best if I don’t get stressed!

5. My Faith: I rely on my faith for strength to push on. I do get tired sometimes. I grow weary and there are days when the mean folks of this world make this public “job” not so fun. It’s my faith that tells me my voice matters! My work is just an outlet for me! It’s something I love to do! People are my passion and if I can reach them through something I really love doing , win-win!!

Marge, I’d encourage you to keep dreaming! You can do it! I shared how my business got started here. Read it and know I am here if you need a dream buddy!


Enjoy your Tuesday! Smooches!

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  1. You are a rock star! So glad you love the brush..and keep on rocking it lady!!!
    Your biggest fan!

  2. jojotexasgal says:

    Quick question? I had my kitchen cabinets professionally painted with oil base paint(Sherwin Williams – High Tea(sort of a brownish green). I want to add some definition to the door edge moldings, as they look so “solid”. I’ve been told I need to use an oil base glaze..but will dark wax adhere to the oil base paint and be easier to apply? I do want it to be permanent, so when I someday sell the house it will look good and not be worn off. If oil base glaze..what brand ? The big box stores know almost nothing about what I need. I will be using a dark brown glaze. I’ve used latex glazes on my walls in past, but never an oil base one.

  3. Angela, I truly enjoy reading everything you write, seeing all your projects, and witnessing your contagious personality! Keep up the great work, girl. I’m glad to know you a little better now that you answered question number 3. :-)

  4. Thank you for your response to Marge. It’s like you were talking to me. I want to start blogging but unsure of what it will take from our life. It is just my hunny bunny and me. And we are really a busy couple. But we both enjoy the same things and I think my outlet to create more could come from blogging. So I will keep your words of wisdom in mind. One day soon I will start.

    • Oh! I’m glad you found that helpful, Barbara! I’d love to follow along with you on your journey! Please let me know if you decide to start blogging! I’d be happy to help ya any way I can! All the best! Angela

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