Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Faux Distressing with Ink

Distressing. Let’s face it. It can be a dirty job. There are times I don’t want to get dirty and times I really don’t want to do the extra work of layering so…I grab an ink pad and go faux! Remember the beautiful 365 Alphabet Photography Stands I gave away a few weeks back?

Alphabet-photography-letter-photos-A to Z Custom Creations Tutorial

All the distressing was done with ink! In fact, even though it appears a dark wood is peeking through the paint, the wood is an unstained pine. Cool, huh?  I also used the Ink Pads to accentuate the distressing on the “FAMILY” piece. It was already pretty chippy but the wood underneath was light so the ink helped add depth.

Alphabet-photography-letter-photos-A to Z Custom Creations Tutorial

Alphabet-photography-letter-photos-A to Z Custom Creations Tutorial

So, here’s a quick video to show you exactly how to achieve that look! 


Crazy easy, right? One more pic, a close up, to show you how I used brown and black ink for added depth. The black ink pad can be very bold so just lightly touch the edges until you get a feel for it.

Close Up Of Faux Distressing With Ink

You can use a sanding sponge to blend or take off a little ink so as always, be fearless! 

Well? How many of you are going to fake it this week? Remember, you can use this same technique on furniture! I’d LOVE to see what you do! You can email your pictures to angela@atozcustomcreations.net!

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