Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Post 2

Welcome back to Tip Talkin’ Tuesday! I’d like to start by saying thank you for all the positive feedback on last week’s post! It brings me great joy to have helped you out! I want to say thank you for all the tips you guys shared with me too! I will NEVER stop learning and I really appreciate hearing what has worked for you!

Let’s do this!

Question 1: Layla from Little Rock,AR said: I have an old pine sofa table that has not been finished. I have an idea to paint the legs black and have the top be a white washed finish. Can I make a whitewash with Websters?

Yes, Layla you can! Raw wood is perfect for this technique too! I can’t say that I have a specific recipe…I paint like I cook, eyeballing my way around! The good thing is, Websters is fool proof and so easy to play around with! Start by adding an extra Tablespoon of powder and water. That will give you a good chalky base. Pour that into your cup of flat or matte latex paint and stir. This is where you begin to eyeball it! If your paint is still thick, add a tsp of water at a time until the paint drips off your stir stick. Depending on your desired finish, dry brush it on or saturate and distress with the grain. Here are a few examples of Websters Chalk Paint Powder as a wash:

White, Dry Brushed Over Another Color

Antique Chest Details, Miss Mustard Seed's Kitchen Scale by A to Z Custom Creations

Painted and Distressed

WebstersChalk Paint Powder used as whitewash

Question 2: Wynn from El Dorado, AR asked- I am wanting to update my living room and was thinking about painting my coffee table. We really USE our coffee table and I want the finish to last. Should I put an extra layer of wax?

Wynn, I just had a discussion with a friend about the importance of a coffee table! Like you, ours is the hub of our living room! We eat from it, do homework from it and it usually catches all kind of random clutter. I have had the same one, from Pier One, for several years and I’ve never refinished the top. The varnish is chipping and it has become really distressed. I decided to leave it that way until the kiddos are a bit older and I don’t have to worry with it! I have however changed the color on the base of it several times! Since yours is going to get a lot of abuse, I’d actually not recommend using a wax to seal it. Heavily wiped areas will eventually wear down the wax and there will be a lot of upkeep. I’d seal it with Wipe on Poly or Polycrylic. I also love the clear coat options by Modern Masters.

If you do want to proceed with wax, then yes, I would do two layers of  Fiddes and Sons Wax. It gives the hardest finish of any wax I’ve tried. I’d also give it a few weeks before putting it back into good use, to allow the wax time to cure.

Question 3: Penny from North Carolina asked- I’ve noticed you use Benjamin Moore paint for most of your projects. Would you mind telling me the pros to using it? We have a location about 40 miles away and I am willing to drive it if it’s worth it! 

Penny, it’s worth it!! I love Benjamin Moore Paint for several reasons. First of all, the pigments in the paint are exceptional! They are super concentrated and rich in color. I also love the coverage and how the paint lays. Benjamin Moore offers over 3,000 color choices and all kinds of tools for helping you choose a color! I’ve used their products, in many different applications, for years and I’ve never had a bad experience! When it comes right down to it, the brand you choose should be one you have tried, compared and like! Just because I am obsessed with it, doesn’t mean you will be! I’d recommend you try a color sample! You can even order online and have it shipped for free! I’m sure the friendly, knowledgeable staff will be waiting to help you if you decide to make the drive! I’ve attached a link for you in case you want to order a sample! Oh, while you are there, check out the Young House Love Color Palette and the Candice Olson Colors! Good Stuff!!

Benjamin Moore’s Awesome Website!

Thanks again for tuning in friends! Please feel free to submit your questions and by all means…send me your favorite tips!

{Disclaimer: All the opinions in this post are just that, my opinion. I’m not sponsored by any company and I don’t get paid to say nice things. I just share what I love!}

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