Tip Talkin’ Tuesday- Post 3- Three ways to use Daddy Van’s

Ok…I don’t know if I should be proud of myself for my consistency or disappointed in my lack of posts between “Tip Talkin’ Tuesday” posts! I’m gonna go with proud for now and try to do better…WHY do I put so much pressure on myself?!?

Sorry! Thinking out loud ~over~! 

This week’s post is dedicated to my newest obsession love, Daddy Van’s All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish. I realized this weekend, I’ve been a very bad momma! I’ve been carrying this product for months and barely doted on it at all! It must feel sooo left out! Before I show you three of my favorite ways to use it, thereby answering some of your questions from last week, let me tell you a little more about the product.

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish

Daddy Van’s All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish is a USDA Certified Biobased Product  that renews, protects and nourishes fine wood and painted furniture. It is chemical free, contains no petroleum byproducts or solvents, and is completely renewable and earth friendly. The non toxic, family friendly products have even earned the Natural Products Association Seal of Approval! There are three versions of the polish. Two are scented with pure essential oils, which I often mistakenly call “flavors, Lavender, and Lavender with Sweet Orange Oil. There is also Unscented, which is food safe and can be used on cutting boards and counter tops, cribs and wooden toys!

Wanna hear why I love it?

1. It doesn’t melt the plastic cup I put it into…seriously folks- if your wax is melting your plastic cup or plate, it’s gotta be doing something to your body!

2. No worries if it gets on my hands…in fact, I just rub it in! My hands have never felt so nice!

3. It’s like an aromatherapy session while I wax! Smells.So.Good.

4. It provides AMAZING moisture protection with one coat!!

5. It makes wood gorgeous!

6. ENDLESS Applications! I’ve used it on antique leather bound books, metal, wood, painted surfaces, bamboo utensils, cutting boards, my vehicle interior…I told you- I’m obsessed!

7. My kids can use it!

8. My dogs can poke their nose in it…and they have!

9. I feel really good about using it!

10. I feel even better about selling it to you and your family!!

Now, let me SHOW you!

Love #1- Renewing Wood

I had a full before picture but I accidently deleted it so here is the ~kind of~ before picture…you get the idea. I love using antique ironing boards for tables and this one has been in the shop for a while. I was planning to stain it but that was before I found Daddy Van’s! It was dry and I think we can all agree, just plain sad looking!

Daddy Vans Wood Renewal

 I gave it a dry wipe and applied Daddy Van’s All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish with Sweet Orange Oil.

Daddy Vans Orange

I used a small wax brush and just literally smeared it on. There is no wrong way to do it! No magic way to do it either! Foolproof application! It took me all of 5 minutes to coat the top.



completed ironing board

I just used my rag to do the legs. Wax on, buff off. And by buff, I mean, leisurely wipe with a soft cloth. No joke!

I’d say it took a half dollar size to do the whole thing! I did not do the underside of the board. Call me lazy but if you look underneath my furniture, I’m probably gonna talk about you too! That was one coat but honestly, one coat was all it needed! The  grain was enhanced and the sheen was beautiful!

Ironing Board After Daddy Vans




before daddy vans


after daddy vans


And check out the superior water protection!!!

Daddy Vans Water Protection


Love #2-Renewing Hardware

My heart beats fast for antique hardware and I always try to convince my clients to keep it! Often times, painting alone will bring new life to the piece and the hardware will look fresh. Other times, the hardware is grungy and dingy. Daddy Van’s is perfect for breathing new life into hardware and lifting years of gunk! Even after a good cleaning with Dawn Dish Soap and water these pulls still lacked luster.

Hardware Before Daddy Vans

 Just a dab of Daddy Van’s with Lavender and boom! Beautiful!

Applying Daddy Vans

 You simply saturate the whole thing, working it into the crevices. You can see some funk that flaked off below.

applying daddy vansOnce you’ve covered the hardware, just use a clean cloth to wipe away the polish. Easy Peasy! The perfect luster, the perfect shine!


Hardware Before Daddy Van's


Hardware After Daddy Van's


Love#3-Protecting Painted Surfaces

Daddy Van’s is also great for protecting painted surfaces! It provides a superior moisture barrier and that luster that only wax gives. It is not a pain in the rear to maintain. It’s actually quite enjoyable. It works great over chalk based paints, milk paints, gesso and acrylic. The unscented version is a great alternative for cribs, highchairs and other furniture a child will come into contact with! It’s seriously fool proof too!

For this end table, I went with Lavender…my FAV!


I never work from my container! I always spoon a little into a plastic cup {which is why I mentioned the melting above!}. Trust me, you will thank me later if you ever contaminate your brush!

dixie cup

I just used a folded cloth with about a dime sized amount of wax per side.

Daddy Vans for Painted Furniture

In a circular motion, I applied the wax and buffed off the excess. Applying Daddy Vans

I sure wish I could make this scratch and sniff!!

Close up Daddy Vans


So, now you know why I’m in love! If you are itching to try Daddy Van’s too, you can find it in both my retail locations! Click here for all the details! In addition, you can order directly here!

There are other AMAZEBALL products too…like all natural room sprays, counter top cleaners and yoga mat cleaners!

Full Line Of Daddy Van's Products

Thanks for joining me again!!! <3<3<3

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