Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Post 7- Using Websters Chalk Paint Powder as a Color Wash

Hey guys! I can’t believe it’s Tuesday again already! Seriously, the week just goes by so stinkin fast! This week afforded me the opportunity to share a technique you’ve been asking about, color washing!  A color wash is a great choice when you have a project with a lot of texture and you don’t want to cover it with a thick paint. It can also be used for a fun effect and looks great layered. You can apply a wash in several ways too. I’ve used a brush, a sponge, and even a rag. Before we get to the video on how to mix it up, take a look at the before pics of the project I used it on.

Chest before being painted

dresser before

dresser before

dresser before

Do you see all those cool details that are about to pop? Some call that damage. I call it a thing of beauty!

So, here ya go…the low down on mixing Websters Chalk Paint Powder as a Color Wash!



That was easy, right? Now comes the fun part! Distressing!! I love to use water to distress a piece with a lot of raised texture. Sandpaper can knock down that texture and I don’t want to do that! Since the paint was painted on in thin, chalky layers, it comes off really quick! I just used a wet, non scratch scouring pad and gently rubbed the raised areas of the piece. Truth be told, a wash cloth would have done the trick but I’m impatient!

distressing with water


To highlight all the sweet little cracks  I worked dark wax in with a large wax brush. I’ll be sharing more with you about this lovely wax later in the week! You won’t want to miss it! (UPDATE: More about the wax here)

Applying Dark Wax into Cracked Varnish

Applying Dark Wax into Cracked Varnish

A quick buffing and she’s done! How awesome is this going to be as a bathroom vanity? One of the top drawers will be gone and the top is getting a slab of granite. I’ll update pics with the sink as soon as the builder gets it finished!

Chest Painted With A Colour Wash

Chest Painted With A Colour Wash

Chest Painted With A Colour Wash

Distressed Details of Colour Washed Dresser

Distressed Details of Colour Washed Dresser

Colour Wash over texture

Colour washed dresser

I hope you enjoyed ” Tip Talkin’Tuesday”! Now go, be fearless, and create something beautiful this week!


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  1. You have an awesome site here! I’ve done a little painting with Annie Sloan paints and waxes and have really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to seeing all your projects and learning from a pro. :-)
    His blessings,

    • Awe, Kim! Thank you so much! It’s such a pleasure to have you here! I am totally obsessed with painting and re-purposing and I’m honored you would look to me for inspiration! All the best! Angela

  2. You are NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS. I have this dresser. I picked it up at a reuse center a few years ago. On the highway on the way home, one of the drawers went flying out and I never found it. I was wondering if you’d sell me your drawer!!!!!

    I think this is one of the most lovely, somewhat delicate dressers I’ve seen in this style. I just wish I had the two gas lamps that should have sat on top of the drawers. Mine didn’t have a place for a mirror, which is unusual, but doesn’t need it.

    I love your technique and have some yellow planned for my front bath. I love the look that something set on it for a long time would have worn the paint to show the under coat.

    Great job!

    • Christine says:


      • So sorry Christine! I thought I replied to you, I’m not sure what happened! This was a custom job so the piece doesn’t belong to me. My client actually had plans for the drawers though or I’d put you in contact with her. All the best! Angela


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