Tip Talkin’ Tuesday: Sealing Painted Furniture with Daddy Van’s Wax

Hey, Hey. It’s Tip Talkin’ Tuesday! I finally shot a video to show you how easy it is to apply Daddy Van’s. I also answered your questions about the protection of Daddy Van’s and how the finish compares to other waxes on the market. Enjoy!



Quick written version in case you have an issue with the video:

Apply Daddy Van’s with a cloth or brush. Any direction will work fine, just get in on!

Allow it to penetrate your paint. I think I accidentally cut this out of the video, but the set time will vary from paint to paint. I use Websters Chalk Paint Powder which gets mixed with latex. That latex component makes for a chalk like paint that’s not as absorbent as others on the market. If you are using a really chalky paint or milk paint, it will absorb the wax quick. You can buff it off, and apply your second coat pretty quickly. I usually let mine sit for about 15-20 minutes and I always apply two coats on painted furniture.

Easy Peasy!

As for the differences in the finish when compared to solvent based waxes, Daddy Van’s will not buff up to a hard shine like Fiddes and others do. Instead, it provides a soft, matte finish. It provides the same excellent protection against moisture, dirt, etc. It just will not be glossy. As with any other wax, you will need to periodically maintain your waxed furniture. How often depends on the use but typically every 6 months or so. Daddy Van’s is actually very pleasant though, an aromatherapy session of sorts, so I don’t find it to be a bother.

I hope this short little post answered your questions about using Daddy Van’s over painted furniture. My previous  “Tip Talkin’ Tuesday” post will tell you more about why I am obsessed with Daddy Van’s and the many ways you can use it! As always, feel free to email me if you have any other questions!




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  1. Hi Angela!

    Great demonstration, thank you!

    Daddy Van’s

  2. I just used Daddy Vans for the first time over homemade chalk paint with latex added for color
    how long should I wait before buffing? Love it.

    • Hi Julie! Because your paint has a latex component, it won’t take as long to seal (less absorbent) and therefore you can buff pretty quickly. Buffing will take on a whole new meaning after buffing Daddy Vans! Soooooo easy!

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