Tip Talkin’ Tuesday:Post 8- Wax On, Wax Off

You guys have obviously been busy painting furniture because my email has been full of questions about waxing said furniture! Thank you! I love getting your emails and I’m honored to answer your questions! I was hoping to shoot a video on waxing this weekend but technology was not on my side. So, I’m gonna keep it simple and try to touch on the issues I’m seeing in your emails!

Before I do, I want to make it clear, up front, you don’t HAVE to use wax to seal painted furniture! When I was first introduced to chalk based paint a three plus years ago, I was told you had to use wax {brand specific even} to seal the paint. I had been painting murals, faux finishes, and furniture for years but never with the chalk based paint so I carefully followed instructions. I hated it! I wanted to burn everything I painted for the first month! I couldn’t get it to buff out right and it was blotchy when I did get it buffed out right! I loved the ease of the paint and wanted to continue using it so, being the rebel that I am, I went back to what I knew and loved…clear coat! I pulled out the Modern Masters Products I’d used for years and the ones I could run and grab from Home Depot, like Polycrylic ! They all work just fine! Many chalk based paint companies have now brought similar products to market as well. I’ve used and loved Cece Caldwell’s Satin Finish and Shabby Paints has an awesome product called Vax. Both products are water based and provide excellent protection. I just want to make sure you understand you have options! I didn’t!

Now, eventually, I got the hang of wax and I love the way it looks on painted furniture. I especially love decorative waxes and the look they can bring to painted furniture! The key is finding a wax that goes on easily and doesn’t make your arm feel like it’s gonna fall off when you are buffing it! I still have several brands on my shelf but my “go to” wax is Daddy Van’s! I know! You are probably tired of hearing me talk about it already! If you’ve seen me in the grocery store or at my kid’s school lately, I’ve probably whipped out a pocket sized can of Daddy Van’s and told you how awesome it is! I’m addicted and I have no shame! It is seriously effortless folks! I can apply it and walk away if I need to. When I come back, it’s still soft and I can easily buff it. Plus, it smells like heaven and I can rub it on my dry cuticles when I’m done because it’s all natural…I’m obsessed, no apologies! I promise, a video on Daddy Van’s is coming soon!

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish

Now,  most of your questions/issues were about solvent based waxes so here’s what you need to know to get a smooth finish with those:

1. Apply sparingly but evenly! You don’t want to apply too much or you’ll just be moving the wax around and feeling like the Karate Kid! A good rule of thumb is a dallop {about a tablespoon} for every 2-3 ft section. You want to really push the wax into the paint, which is where those nifty wax brushes come in handy! Your goal is to saturate the chalky paint to provide a barrier for future protection. Because the paint is absorbent, it will suck the wax up!

2. Wipe off the excess in a buffing motion and check to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. It’s easier to add some more now than to try to blend dry spots later!

3. Let your wax sit for a spell then buff. This “spell” will all depend on the wax you are using. The more it smells, the quicker it’s gonna dry up on you! I let this guy do my handy work! He will help you get that even appearance you desire!



Now! If you applied too much wax and you can’t get it to buff off, take a little mineral spirits on a clean cloth and give it a quick wipe. That’s the only way you are going to remove the excess wax. Let it sit a minute then try buffing again. You can repeat this until you have removed all the excess wax.

Mineral Spirits can also be used to thin out your dark wax a little if you are going for an all over antiqued kind of look and your having trouble blending it all together. Just eyeball {put on safety goggles!} a little in until you get a creamy consistency.

One more thing. When you wax a painted piece, whether it is a solvent based wax or not, you will need to maintain it. How often depends on the usage. My dresser hasn’t been re-waxed in over a year and it still looks great but it gets no wear. A high traffic piece or a piece that gets wiped down a lot may require another application of  wax in as little as a few months. The average is 6-12. Just something to keep in mind!

I sure hope that helps! Remember, there are all kinds of waxes and all kinds of options for top coats, so don’t give up when one frustrates you! I’ll see you soon with a cool project using the awesome photography from 365 Alphabet Photography and a giveaway! You won’t wanna miss it!  ~Smooches~

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  1. Donna Featherston says:

    When you use the WAx does it dry? Or do you still have to seal it! Thank you so very much. I miss all your pics on Facebook!! Your amazing!

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