It was brought to my attention in a mid-night message, that I am confusing my readers about the paint I use. This message came minutes after I shared Refunk My Junk’s Blogiversary Giveaway. To be completely honest, I was taken aback by the message. I thought I’d explained my recent business decision to use and sell Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder. Given the random delivery of Facebook posts lately, it is quite possible that news was missed. So, in case others were left wondering, I chose to respond here instead of a direct reply.

First of all, I have been painting furniture for ten plus years. I’ve used just about every product known to man over the years. Some were cheap, some expensive. Some were easy to use and others were just a pain in the butt! QUALITY is top priority for me, so if that was lacking, I moved on. Before answering the questions posed in the mid-night message, I’d like to share the results of my favorite products. Please note: My opinion is based solely on MY experience. I doubt any of the companies in the following post even know I exist! They have not paid me to say I love them!

Rustoleum Spray Paint

Spray paint is readily available and depending on the size of the piece, can be an affordable alternative to painting with a brush. I love the smooth, shiny finish spray paint gives. I’ve painted several pieces with spray paint over the years. Some I sold and others I own. I have a chest I painted 3 years ago and I am still happy with the finish!

 gray and orange zebra dresser  Armoire painted by A to Z Custom Creations


Latex is another paint I’ve used many times. In fact, it was the go-to prior to chalk paint. While Benjamin Moore and Pratt and Lambert are my favs, any brand can be used to paint furniture. The end result really depends on the prep work prior to applying the paint. Painting with latex requires substantial prep to get a beautiful, lasting finish. Both of the pieces below were sanded to remove the existing finish prior to painting. The cute green table was painted with Behr “oops” paint and waxed with dark wax. The dresser was painted with Behr’s Powdered Snow and 3 sample sized Behr pastels, then sealed with Polycrylic. The dresser, which serves as a changing table, is still in perfect condition after three years of diapering and dressing two babies!

green end table  changing table

My favorite paint for furniture is, hands down, chalk paint. Just to be clear, chalk paint is a type of paint, not a brand. There are many companies on the scene with a line of chalk paint these days. To name a few, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Cece Caldwell’s, and Maison Blanche, all offer a paint that has incredible sticking ability and provides a smooth, lustrous finish. They all make it possible to paint furniture without having to sand the surface. I don’t always get to take advantage of that since most of the furniture I buy to resell requires mending and filling. On less battered pieces though, it saves so much time! I have used them all to create beautiful pieces!

My favorite ASCP piece was painted with a mixture of about three different colors. Waxed in clear and dark wax.


My favorite Cece Caldwell piece was painted in Carolina Sun Yellow and cleared with clear wax.

yellow chest yellow chest yellow chest

My favorite Maison Blanche’s La Craie piece was done in Wrought Iron and sealed with clear wax.

antique chest painted by a to z custom creations

This {swoon worthy} piano was painted with a mixture of ASCP and La Craie . My client wanted a specific shade of white that was not included in the color palette of any chalk paint supplier. I used my own clear coat concoction and Cece Caldwell’s Dark Wax. Yep! A little bit of love from the all! Guess what? It turned out perfect! No explosions or crazy paint clashes!

painted piano detail Antique Piano painted by A to Z Custom Creations painted piano legs

Like I said before, quality is the determining factor for me. In the case of the brands above, I love the quality of each one! So, I rely on personal preference when recommending one. I prefer to support business’s that practice honesty and integrity, while offering great customer support! Of all the major brands, Maison Blanche Paint Company and Cece Caldwell’s representatives and stockist have been TOP NOTCH! Always willing to help, willing to share, and kind in our business dealings. I actually had a Cece’s retailer refund my Paypal account for a TINY overcharge in shipping! That is the kind of business I choose to give my hard earned money to!

I considered becoming a retailer for both Cece Caldwell’s and Maison Blanche. In addition to having the products on hand, I was really interested in teaching workshops. After much prayer and consideration, I backed away from both companies. Not because of the products, I loved them! Not because of the business owners, I loved them too! What kept me from stocking those brands? The fact that 90% of my business is custom work and I just couldn’t commit to one color palette. Even though both brands offer great color choices, my custom work demands more. The headache of custom mixing was already a burden and I knew that was inevitable if I married one brand.

Then Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder came into the picture. A painting friend at Steller Junk wrote a review for Webster’s. I was curious, and always willing to try something, so I took advantage of the 20% off link and ordered 2 packages. Webster’s shipped my package promptly and I used it as soon as it arrived! As I do with any new product, I created a sample board. I not only compared Webster’s with name brands, I tested how it reacted to the seal coats I regularly use. I was thrilled with the results! I had a hope chest scheduled for a makeover that week and my client wanted a bright yellow. I used Webster’s and Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint to get that perfect shade. I finished with La Craie’s clear and dark wax. I was hooked!!!

IMG_0198 yellow hope chest yellow hope chest

before and after hope chest

I went on to use Webster’s on the pieces I had set aside for a show. I loved every single piece! I noticed substantial money savings and had an endless color choices! I knew Webster’s was the perfect match for me and my business so I walked through an open door and became a retailer!

All that said…

The following quote is taken from the mid-night email my Facebook reader sent.

“I just seen you posted a link for a giveaway of Cece Caldwell’s paint. I’m a little confused since you say you love and use Websters. I’ve been wanting to try it but I want to know I’m not just being sold something for the sake of a dollar. To me, if you sell something and say its the best, why would you encourage your reader to use something else. Makes no sense to me. “

 Please allow me to respond to, not only my Facebook reader, but anyone else confused by me sharing Refunk My Junk’s giveaway.

First of all, I sincerely apologize if my willingness to share another product has conveyed a lack of confidence in the one I choose to use and sell. I shared the giveaway for several reasons.

1.  As with all the examples above, I’ve personally used and liked Cece Caldwell’s products. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to try chalk paint.

2. The link offered FREE products! I like free and I know my readers do too!

3. I know the business owner is an honest, hardworking woman with a family just like me. I find great joy in supporting the efforts of other small business owners, even if their product preference differs from mine.

 I am a free agent when it comes to the products I use. I am not bound by contract to say or do anything. In fact, I would never be part of a company that required me to. Also, I would never sell a product if I were not confident in it! I am in the business of providing quality, custom painted furniture and have no problem taking advantage of the vast product options available to accomplish that!  While I love Webster’s and it is the brand that fits my business, it is not the ONLY option. I’ve never discouraged anyone from trying other brands. My opinion about it being the best are just that, my opinion!

Please rest assured, I will never SHARE a business or product I do not personally believe in! I hope this post, written with the utmost respect, will clear up any confusion. I look forward to you allowing me to babble about ALL the stuff I like! 

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  1. Jorie Zakutansky says:

    Great post!

  2. Well said!!!! I have been painting furniture for years too, long before anyone of us ever heard of chalk paint. Personally, I think different pieces call for different paints. It all depends on what you are applying the paint to and what you desire for the end result. There are SO many FABULOUS brands of paint and there’s no reason to limit yourself because you choose to carry a certain brand. As a fellow painter I say use whatever you want to use to get the look you desire. Blessings to you as you live your dream and create beautiful things! ~Beth

  3. Great explanation with examples. Love ALL the pictures (I never get tired of seeing your work)! And I love that my piano is one of your loves, too!

    • Thank you Thea! You know your piano will always have a special place in my heart! So glad you enjoyed the examples!

  4. Those all look amazing! You have inspired me! Can wait to get to a paint brush this week. Thank you, Chantelle

  5. Great post Angela. Very detailed and thorough!

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