What is Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder and Why do we love it?

Well, we are so glad you asked! Websters Chalk Paint Powder™ was created to fill a need for affordable chalk paint. It is an all natural product that can be added to any color, any brand of latex paint to give you that durable finish you love without the need for most sanding and priming.

There are so many reasons why I’ve chosen it for my business! First of all, I have used chalk paint for the last few years and love everything about it. I’ve used all the name brands and tried all the DIY recipes. There were a few DIY recipes that were ok, but getting the recipe just right was frustrating and it turns out they aren’t so good for your health! Time and time again, I went back to the name brands. While I have no complaints about the quality of those brands, their color palettes did not always meet my needs. Since most of my work is custom work, I would spend countless hours mixing paint to get to the perfect shade my client wanted. Even when I got the mix just right, I’d fear running out mid project or having to create the same shade for a matching piece in the future! Webster’s changed that all for me! Now, I can provide color consults and help you choose the perfect shade of paint from a fan deck {with a gazillion color choices}, then, have it mixed and pick it up locally. No more worries that the color I need won’t be in stock. All the while knowing that if you need something matched in the future, we can achieve it! On top of all that, Webster’s is all natural! A very important factor for someone like me who paints every day! Oh, did I mention it saves me money? Savings I can pass on to you! BONUS!

For you, the DIY’er just getting started, Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder provides a quality product and makes learning to paint more affordable and fun! For a fraction of the cost of name brand chalk paints, you can choose ANY color to re~fresh your furniture and decor! Use the money you save for a new throw pillow! Those bring new life to any room!

Wanna learn more? Webster’s Chalk Paint Powder has a wonderful blog with tutorials and photos of furniture finished by folks just like you! Find a retailer near you and make something beautiful! You can find their link below in the “Sites we love” section!