When Furniture Speaks, I Listen! Ombre Buffet

I found this buffet on one of those online yard sale sites over a year ago. It was love at first sight! I knew the high price and large size made the investment a risk but I had to have it!

Buffet before

We loaded up the kiddos and made the drive to pick it up. I’m pretty sure I held my breath the entire 60 mile trip back home as the piece barely fit in the back of the truck.  We got it home safely and I immediately took pictures and listed in my “Pick  Your Paint” album. People loved and commented on it but no takers. No worries, I was busy with custom work so I let it sit. Weeks, then months went by, still no takers. So many times over the last year I thought about painting it but nothing felt right. It finally happened a few weeks ago! I’d spent some precious time with my best friends, Shannon and Brande. Both ladies are growing through adversity, in ways they can’t even see right now, but I can! I could go on and on about how they both bless me but let me get to the point! Brande is winning the battle with breast cancer and using her voice to help other women. We’ve all had so many conversations over the last few weeks about her blooming voice, I think it has just become something that’s always on my heart. I was wrapping things up in the shop one day when the buffet whispered…”I have a voice too”! I’m not crazy! It wasn’t audible! It was inspiration from my heart! I went straight to the computer and went to my friend Brande’s Facebook page! She is fashion designer and photographer so I thought maybe that is where I am suppose to get my inspiration! I flipped through her albums, waiting for the one. There were so many portraits I could have used as inspiration but one stopped me in my tracks! I knew instantly, it was THE ONE!!

"Organic"  Designed and Photographed by Brande Wilkerson, Victory Vintage Boutique

Before I even get into the details, let’s just talk about the overall scene! So serene. So inviting. The model, Paula, seems to be lost in her thoughts. For some reason, she appears to be broken to me. Broken, but beautiful! Completely torn, but at peace! Like the leaves that surround her, she had completely let go! I LOVE that!!! It absolutely moves me! I could stare at it forever! The more I stared at it, the more I could see the details come to life on the buffet! The beautiful curves of the model were reminiscent of the lines of the piece.  The rope and vines formed shapes that resembled the carvings on the buffet. The natural tones were so inviting, so warm and I felt like I was being drawn into the center of the portrait.  That set the tone for my color scheme and led to the ombre effect.

If you’ve never heard me rave about Websters Chalk Paint Powder before, get ready! Websters lets me marry the blend-ability of latex with the perks of a chalk style paint which made for joyful blending and distressing! I’ve never attempted an ombre effect on this level and I won’t lie, it was a bit scary but it was so easy to blend the colors. I can’t wait to put it into a video for y’all! I picked up the green patina from the rock and worked it into the crevices of the piece.  I used torn fabric to add texture to each layer of paint, distressed to add depth and kissed the carvings with a touch of shimmer.  Okay, let me give you guys the lowdown so I can show this baby off! I used 4 different colors on this piece. All Benjamin Moore colors mixed with Websters: Weimaraner, Gray Shower, Sky Dive {aqua}, and Deep In Thought {white}. I distressed with a sanding sponge, a wet cloth and in some spots, a Scotch brite pad. I sealed the entire piece with my custom clear and accented the carvings with my custom shimmer. I switched out the hardware for prettier jewels from my friend at Knobsession. She has the most amazing selection! I wish my iphone and shop lighting did it justice. Maybe someday I will get professional and buy a real camera!

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations, layered, distressed details

Ombre Buffet by A to Z Custom Creations

Okay…so I did fix several spots on this piece, like on the top where deep scratches and raised grain were present:



But this single crack  in the center begged me to leave it be. “I’m beautiful”, it said. “Broken, but beautiful”.

Ombre Buffer by A to Z Custom Creations, Layered, Distressed Details

When furniture speaks, I listen.

Thanks for letting me share my new favorite piece! This week has been one of the most enjoyable weeks of work I’ve had in a long time!

You can find more of Brande’s gorgeous work, including her journey and victory over the the beast, cancer, here:

Victory Vintage Boutique


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  1. Absolutely speechless! To see your inspiration birth this beautiful innovative ombre design with luminosity Angela! WOW! So you..so NEW..I am in love!! This is going to be a showstopping piece in its new owners home!

  2. Kimberly Legill says:

    WoW!!!! I always say I love your pieces because they are always so beautiful .. But this
    beauty is just STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! My favorite piece has always been “The metallic Cupcake” but I think this one just stole its place. I really realllyyyyyy Love this one! You did fabulous! :)

  3. Luv this…..the entire story. Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  4. Christine says:

    You’ve created an heirloom. What a gorgeous, glamorous piece! This is now fit for a fit for a formal dining room or a Hollywood boudoir!

    Your inspiration photo is also equally glamorous and beautiful. Very mesmerizing in its texture and detail.

    I love Weimaraner, particularly with BM’s Kasbah. I plan both for my den. Now… just how to get that piece here to me in Maryland. :)

    • Thank you so much Christine! This one brought me great joy so to have others appreciate the beauty is just awesome! By the way, I love to hear other people praise Weimaraner! I’m always raving about it! Is it not the most perfect neutral everrr?!? It literally plays with any color! Kasbah is totally dreamy too! Your den is gonna be FAB! xo

      • Christine says:

        Have you explored BM’s Dragonbreath? I laugh because that’s what my family calls morning breath.
        Anyway, it’s an incredible black that’s not black. It’s sometimes gray, sometimes looks like it has green in it, sometimes blue… you get the picture!
        I made homemade chalk paint out of it and can’t get enough of it, either. I used the POP method. I don’t get why people have to make that into brain surgery, either. I digress.
        BM has some fabulous colors. If you like Weimaraner, I know you’d “get” Dragonbreath! :)
        Love love your piece, still!

  5. Websters is absolutely humbled beyond words at this beautiful make-over. Angela, you are an inspiration to us all! <3

  6. This is stunning. Elegant. Beautiful. And like your inspiration photograph, it’s imperfectly beautiful…or is it beautifully imperfect? There’s almost no words to accurately describe just how amazing this is, Angela! Pinning for my own future inspiration! :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the inspiration. Beautiful picture. Amazing how art inspires art and they both turn out incredibly, huh?!

  8. Wow! Absolutely STUNNING!! You did a beautiful job. I am blown away by your talent.

  9. Angela this is so neat!!! I have never seen paint done like this. Sharing on my FB page later. Love it!

  10. Candice Lawrence says:

    As the new owner of this gorgeous work of art, I can honestly say it will be an heirloom piece I will be delighted to pass down to my daughter. This is one of those truly remarkable pieces that is breathtaking at first sight, and a conversation starter like no other. The glass knobs work perfectly with the vintage glass doorknobs that will soon grace the solid wood doors of the historic restoration I am currently undergoing. This piece of art will be surrounded by some of my favorite paintings in my game room/lounge. It will be treasured for eternity and I’m absolutely in love!!! :)

    • Oh! Candice, I’m in tears again! I’m so excited to see this go to someone who appreciates the beauty! It was meant for your home and I can’t wait to see it all set up! Thank you!!!

  11. All I can say is wow. That is truly beautiful! You are a talented lady and I’m always so excited to see what you will come up with next!

  12. This piece is STUNNING! Being new to chalk paint, I’ve only used ASCP. HoW do you find the Websters powder to be versus ASCP? Do you have to prime etc. when you use the Websters? I LOVE the fact that so many awesome colors would be available to use – just add the powder. If you can give me any info, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lilli! I’ve used all the major brands of chalk style paint and Websters remains my go to :) Not because it is superior…I actually love all the brands I’ve used. I choose Websters because of freedom! 95% of my work is custom work. I can’t be limited by a color palette! I also match decor, bedding, favorite colors, etc., so having an endless variety of colors without having to mix and hope for a match is great! There are several videos on the tutorials page that will show you exactly how it’s mixed, painted, distressed and even finished. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I’d love to see what you create with your Websters!

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